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  • sahmx2 By  sahmx2    

    Applebees is a hit or miss kind of place. Either the service is good and food is not or food is good and service is horrible. When the food is cooked right, its delicious. Just depends on the day.

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  • angie1966 By  angie1966    

    The service was slow, the food was burnt and so not worth themoney

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  • 87rbbjef By  87rbbjef    

    Great place, I lke to eat very, very ocassionally, which has nothing to do with the quality of their food--it is great!

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  • JuliaNicole By  JuliaNicole    

    Love their food, not their service! I have been into several different Applebee's restaurants and all of them have had grumpy and aloof staff.

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  • ginawatson By  ginawatson    

    I do not care to eat at this restaurant, every time I have dined at this facility I have walked away hungry. I feel that I have not got what I had paid for, as a result I have resolved not to return there again.

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  • Samanthalmt By  Samanthalmt    

    I love the affordability of the food, however i do not think it tastes that great. I have never gotten a meal that I thought was delicious and I generally don't go there anymore.

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  • GraceCasas By  GraceCasas    

    My boyfriend and I love going to AppleBee's! Its affordable and the food is great!

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  • FitLissa By  FitLissa    

    We enjoy going here .. the 2 for 20 is a fantastic deal. My son hoards the spinach & artichoke favorite meal with this has always been the lime grilled chicken (please note- not all restaurants have it listed on the menu but they will gladly substitute becuase they know its always been a great hit)

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  • Mystearows By  Mystearows    

    T.G.I.Fridays is a restaurant you go to to get a good drink or hang out with friends for dinner. They have decent food and some really great drinks to try. I also like the fact they have coupons and specials.

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  • lexylovesmakeup23 By  lexylovesmakeup23    

    I love applebees my favorite dish is 3 cheese penne pasta. I love there $20 for two menu(:

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  • CamoGirl86 By  CamoGirl86    

    I eat at applebees once to twice a week. I love this place and will not change it for the world.

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  • mudpiesandtiaras By  mudpiesandtiaras    

    I enjoy going to Applebee's. I like that no matter where I go I can get my favorite....a chicken wrap! I like that they offer neat specials on a rotating basis. We get excited when we visit a city with an Applebees

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  • ChicShopper By  ChicShopper    

    My favorite part of Applebees is their ever changing menu. Can never get bored, and it keeps me from the rut of always ordering the same things. There is always something new to try!!! and on the healthier side, their weight watcher choices are super delicious.

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  • nursebunny By  nursebunny    

    one of my families favorite places to eat out. love the steak and shrimp as well as the spinach/artichoke dip

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  • rebecca_reichert By  rebecca_reichert    

    The only reason I've really ever gone to Applebees is for the weight watchers options that they have. I think the food isn't very good for the quality that you get and I would much rather get a better meal somewhere else for my money. The weight watcher's meals are very good though and I like knowing I'm not eating something that is extremely unhealthy and I know how many points it is.

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