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  • hottears85 By  hottears85    

    Yes this is my favorite dove produce so far. I use it in summer up here cause my hair fry's in the heat here and this is a live saver. how ever not sure if that is what the product is meant for but I don't care.

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  • awalker34 By  awalker34    

    i like this product it smells amazing, but the shampoo kinda dried my hair.

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  • Maryberry By  Maryberry    

    This is a need to have product. Heat can damage your hair very much if you don't use heat defense. This is really great to keep healthy beautiful hair!

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  • Tere79 By  Tere79    

    i love thi product like how it leaves my hair smelling good i really do recommend it

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  • bloni77 By  bloni77    

    this product is awsome for girls who love to use that straightner and blowdryer. It smells great and leaves your hair silky smooth and it really shines. love it. me and my daughter both use it after washing our hair.

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  • lilyblossom By  lilyblossom    

    I love Dove and stuff but I'm still pretty loyal to Herbal Essence and I'm not leaving them. It's called brand loyalty!

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  • mlanzillo By  mlanzillo    

    I love Dove skincare and the haircare line is just as good. I am very happy with all Dove products I have purchased and would highly recomend this product.

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  • lolabrio By  lolabrio    

    I'm not sure if it's made for spitends but it definetly took care of my problems. I'm gonna cut it, but didn't want to bother to until later.

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  • kimboslice By  kimboslice    

    well never used it but can only imagine if its dove product its gotta be great :)

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  • shivani7300 By  shivani7300    

    my hair is too oliy . i love this product althought i dont blow dry my hair everyday i do use a straightener a lot and have found that thiks has saved my hair from a lot of damage between the straightener and the curling iron. I love this product and would recommend it in a heart beat!

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  • LadyOfLove By  LadyOfLove    

    This stuff feels so good in my hair. Less damage notices and softer smoother hair.

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  • londju By  londju    

    I blow dry and use a flat iron on my hair all the time, thats why I really like this product. I noticed a big change in my hair after using this product . Normally my hair would feel dried out and stiff after straightening. Now it still feels soft and light.

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  • jeffshaw999 By  jeffshaw999    

    I blow dry and use a flat iron on my hair all the time. This stuff helps my hair stay super soft and protects it from getting damaged. Great product.

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  • ohmyskittles By  ohmyskittles    

    love the heat defense help and it makes my hair feel great!

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  • drgnfly2010 By  drgnfly2010    

    my daughter uses these products and she really likes them, she says they smell great and they make her hair feel healthy after she has used the straightner on them every day

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