HBO True Blood

HBO True Blood

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My fiance and I have been hooked since the first episode..

Been hooked since the first season, but I also read all the it.

Must watch when on. The backwards head sex scene was awesome. Sookie seems to have sex with everyone though.

I've been reading the books for awhile before I started watching the show. Now that the books are over, ending in a way I wasn't very excited about, I'm happy to look forward to the show. It's my fantasy world and although I'd never let my kids see it, I'm loving every episode!

I am a True Blood addict! I countdown to every Sunday when me and my husband sit down with dinner and watch it together. So amazing its a show both men and woman can enjoy!

Love this show it remind me of the old show of dark shadows only with with other character added, as for the people I am loving it and glad it something to watch no matter what it good but not meat for a younger crown really more mature16 and older and not no kid show at all a real adult them like and an upscale look of the vampire world and liking it

ABSOLUTELY Addicting! I follow this show religiously! I absolutely love the cast & plot. I have read the series it is based on and almost kind of approve of the deviation from the original plot. It is an excellent show to watch!

Never thought I could buy into the whole vampire genre till I found this. Now I'm a convert. Who knew vampires werewolves and shape-shifters could be such likeable folk?

Always waiting for that next episode to come up! Can't wait till the 16th! The characters are amazing, the cliff hangers leave you wondering at every end of each episode.. Just an amazing TV show. HBO knows what they're doing!

My family loves this show, we have all the seasons.. Can't wait until the 16 th....

One of my favorite shows. The storyline keeps me coming back every week.

Awesome ! I love this show !

Great show with a quirky, strange plot that keeps you interested! It's very easy to become attached to characters and cheer some on and hope for demise for the rest. If you are a fan of the vampire genre and not offended by graphic depictions expected from an HBO series, you will definitely love True Blood. My husband and I are looking forward to the next season to begin.

this show is fantastic. cant wait for next season to start.

I am addicted to this show, it is one of the best shows about vampires but i love all supernatural shows (just about) and if you havent seen true blood i would advise you to watch it! If your into this kinda show!