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  • mjones2 By  mjones2    

    I wouldn't use anything but this for my children

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  • Brittneytigner20 By  Brittneytigner20    

    This is a great fever reducer. I've been using this brand for about 5 years now. It has a pleasant taste also which is a plus.

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  • tiffie By  tiffie    

    Love this for reducing my child's fever.

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  • londonlane By  londonlane    

    This is a great pain reliever/fever reducer that has great flavor!

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  • trwinans By  trwinans    

    Everytime my child has a fever this is what ingrab. The flavors taste great to her.

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  • BusyKat By  BusyKat    

    Motrin for Children is a brand i trust and use often in my household. helps relive many symptoms at once like fever, headaches, tooth ache and much more. I totally recommend Motrin my kids never say no when taking this medicine do to its great flavor they love it.

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  • sonia_blade By  sonia_blade    

    I have two boys, this was a life saver when they were both with fever and also through the teething pains.

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  • gorda361 By  gorda361    

    had bad experience

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    The absolute best ! Moms with children over 6 months, MUST HAVE. It works very quickly.

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  • corrinn31 By  corrinn31    

    Excellent for fevers, and works fast.

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  • countrytomboy By  countrytomboy    

    Our favorite kids' pain reliever in our household -We find Tylenol doesn't work well but Motrin works wonderfully and they make a dye-free version, which we love

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  • editwriter By  editwriter    

    My kids have always preferred this brand of pain relief and fever reducer.

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  • snugglyboots08 By  snugglyboots08    

    Fast and effective pain reliever, plus my daughter loves the taste :) This is my go-to pain reliever for my daughter's aching gums.

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  • WEMAKE7 By  WEMAKE7    

    Works great and works fast.

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  • mkjordan307 By  mkjordan307    

    Motrin is one of my go to fever relievers! last long and works great!

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