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NETFLIX Movie Rental

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I haven't had cable for almost 4 years; therefore Netflix and other streaming apps have kept me in the loop of modern TV/movies. I like Netflix because I share a subscription with my family. I love how you can have your own "profile" that separates your queue, watch list and recommended list from others on the same account. A wider variety of shows and older movies to stream would make my rating higher. I also use Hulu Plus. It has earlier updates; I just wish it had no advertisements during tv shows. I stream Netflix on my Xbox 360 and watch on my HDTV.

I love Netlix, and it is so cost effective that it does not break your bank. The only thing that I do not like is that it takes me longer to find something to watch then it does to watch something.

I hate commercials!! I love Netflix. I rarely watch regular television. I have the ability to control what I watch when I wont to watch it. Yeah some would say I'm say I'm a bit of a Control Freak but hey I like what i what I like. Not to mention the great monthly price. Netflix is cheaper than popcorn at the movies. Who ever came up with this is a genius!!

I have heard a lot about Netflix. I can watch certain movies, but most of the time they have a lot of older movies and tv programs. I just usually go to my local library and score movies and they have a much wider selection. It is also free.

I love Netflix, I can watch all types of movies with it and watch series that I'm unable to watch during the time. It's really good !!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, Netflix is great! I loved it when it first came out. It was super flexible, convenient, and loaded with a ton of movies. The documentary section is wonderful as always and I have always been a huge fan to its Netflix originals. The shows alone are totally worth the low $9 a month fee. I did recently came across a severe issue with Netflix about a year or two ago. They started adding logarithms about "which movie I may like to see". I'm the kind of viewer who likes to watch unorthodox types of movies. I don't like it when they group the movies they recommend based on previous movies I watched and limited my range of movies I could potentially watch. It is difficult to explain. This new feature is annoying and if it wasn't for their amazing netflix original shows, I would definitely decline further use of this membership. What can I say, their shows are amazing!

I love Netflix. My family got rid of cable because this is so great. We also have Hulu Plus because some ABC and Nickelodeon (for the kids) shows get updated the day after they come out unlike Netflix.

I love Netflix. I would have rated it 5 stars but the one I wish Netflix would change is the variety of shows and movies. I want to get rid of my cable but its hard to when the movies and shows are so outdated and you already have watched all of the good movies and tv series. I also dislike how far behind they are on updating new seasons. I do love Netflix though when you want to watch an older tv show and all the seasons are all right there instead of like how xfinity makes you pay for each episode!

I like Netflix but after a while it gets old. The shows are outdated and boring. They need newer movies/tv shows.

Netflit is amazing and I love it! The only problem is the amouMt of time

This service is great for the occasional and avid movie / television watcher. It's biggest downfall, in my opinion, is not having a wider or frequently updated collection of streaming movies and shows. I think they should offer a streaming counterpart to every mail-out dvd, since dvd's ( and the snail-mail wait time ) are an unnecessary hassle in this day and age.

Netflix is a very helpful app to have. It gives us folks who have problems paying bills a chance to come home to great movies. We can rate. They help us see the movies that best relate to our past movie watching. Has new movies every few weeks and adds great tv shows on. Has documentaries as well as comedy to horror movies. Great great thing.

They do have more shipping centers now so I do get my movies faster, the release dates are sometimes really slow, and I don't like that I have to extra for Blu-ray and streaming.

I love Netflix! I have used the mailing service in the past and it sucked waiting for new releases to finally get to my house. They only have so many copies and you are on a waiting list. Now I do only streaming and the movie selection tends to get dull. I also noticed they only post 100 episodes of each TV show. So sometimes your not getting to see the whole series. But it does help when you have absolutely nothing to watch.

I absolutely love netflix. It streams fast and has no comercials which is a plus. It has a wide variety of movies and tv shows. It also had an entire section just for the kids ehich is great. The only thing i dont like about netflix is that it has no current shows or movies on it.