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NETFLIX Movie Rental

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one of the best parts about netflix is that you can watch movies on your pc...i don't subscribe to tv service, so watching movies on my tv instantly and getting dvd's is so great! Love Netflix

Love netflix. My only complaint is the lack of variety of things to watch on the website.

I love Netflix but am upset by how they just changed their whole system. I am still a customer and wish they had some movies that they don't have like "Hysteria" for one but I am patient and will wait to see if they ever get it in. Also their customer service has always been helpful and I will continue to be a customer.

It's not perfect, I'll admit. That said, Netflix has TONS to watch. It's much more diverse than cable and I love the fact that you can stream it whenever you want it without waiting for a schedule. They've added plenty of Nickelodeon series for the kids to get their fill of and back seasons of many shows that I want to catch up on. For $8/month, you can't beat it. I just wish you could create separate queues for each family member to reduce browsing time.

I like being able to just look up a show and watch it but hate that netflix doesn't have a lot of the movies i like. But it's cheap and has a lot of good movies/shows so i can't complain too much

I'm a fan! I like how you can choose how many movies you would like to have at any given time with the different price options. I do think tho that they need more instant watch options.

Netflix is he best app i have on my phone. While i am at school and have finished all my work, i sit in the library and catch up on all tv shows. while i was in DC, i would take the train to and from work and would watch netflix on the train. i would say that Netflix is more useful for tv shows because there is not much of a selection for movies. i find that the movies are old and not too current

I LOVE Netflix. they are a great movie rental site and I am able to stream the movies and shows on my Xbox, computer, or tablet right away from home. No waiting in the mail! Could have a better selection, but for the price/convenience, it's great.

My family and myself really love Netflix. I love being able to watch a whole season at a time, whenever I choose. The price is fantastic as well! The only reason I do not give it 5 stars is that for a lot of shows it can take quite awhile for new episode to come on.

my 4 year old loves to watch her shows on netflix on our tablet. I wish they had older shows on there

Netflix is an amazing thing. I have watched entire TV seasons in one night. With that being said, be wary. It may destroy your social life for a while. Also, there are some movies that require a second subscription to the DVD rental program. As a college student, Netflix was great. I could go several months without cable if needed. All that this requires is an internet connection. It's a great way to explore different TV series without having to wait a week to find out what happens next.

Love it!!! We got rid of cable, just use our antennae now and watch the shows we have always enjoyed on Netflix instead. You can't beat the price. Our ara ISPs very limited in the cable options so we are stuck with satellite, VERY expensive and unreliable in bad weather. Netflix never drops out.

Netflix is a very good value. You get to see a lot of great movies and I love the selection of shows for the kids. I do wish they had more popular movies but the selection is improving so I'm happy with that.

I can admit...Netflix is not for everyone. I'm by no means an avid TV watcher. I personally never felt I "needed" to have cable television. But when my family decided to ditch cable to save money, we kept our Netflix account. Netflix streaming service has just the right mix of new and old movies and shows to keep my family adequately entertained. Since they've teamed up with Disney, there's a great selection of family movies available...and when we feel like we've run out of interesting streaming options we're subscribed to a 2 disc-at-a-time plan. Even though there was a lot of drama oer them raising their prices a couple years ago it is STILL a great value!

I have a subscription. I love that it has things for the kids to watch and for me. What ever I am in the mood for netflixs has. It is cheap and much variety.