Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

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It's so nice to have a product that works as well as this and it is something the kids like to drink. Little do they know it's helping their immune system and they are getting their Vitamin C in a delicious drink.

It's a great, healthy, fizzy drink for kids... and it's a great way to make sure kids get all the vitamins they need!

Great product to reduce the length of a cold and boost your immune system when around sick coworkers or children.

I like this product,my kids do drink it but they don't love the taste,I have mized it into an orange juice smoothie when they are sick and they love those !

very good flavor that makes kids interested in receiving it.

good product but too expensive.

My daughter loves this. She has been using it since she was 2 (1/2 packet at that time) she wakes up and asks for her vitamin juice.

i requested samples for these not too far back, hoping to try them and hoping that my kids actually like them..think these would be a good alternative to koolaid during the cold season.

My family loves Emergen-C. my kids wish the KIDZ tasted better. but they are okay with it

I honestly don't know how the Children's Emergen-C is but I have used the general one daily for a long period of time; I can't say I have seen drastic results, but I have felt a burst of energy. Not to mention, when I felt like I was getting a cold, I doubled up on the dosage, and I truly believe it helped fight many colds off.

Kids love it. When they have juice I just mix a packet into the juice.

I would also love to try this product!

Daily recommended vitamins for kids and adults.....healthy start for great life. would recommend this to all my freinds and relatives

My son really liked the flavor and I try to keep it in the house. I would recommend this product.

Great that they make these for my kids now and that they are the right amount that they need. I have used Emergen-C's for years now and we love the convenience of them.