Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

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No Problems I never have any problems having my kids take this, and right now this is so important.

Great product Emergen-C is a great product for the whole family. I am so glad that they have it for the kiddos too. Anytime that I feel something coming on or hear someone sniffling in the house we grab the Emergen-C. So grateful for this product.

Great boost Great for on the go. Need a boost! Everytime we fly or go on a trip, this is a must have in ur bag. I need my kids immune system to stay as strong as possible when going different places, and this just gives u an extra protection

I combine the EmergenC in a big 20 oz bottle of Crystal lite. Raspberry Emergen C & Pink Lemonade Crystal lite Yummy!

I like it! I don't think it tastes that bad! I take it all the time when I get a cold. Somehow it makes me feel alot better.

I kind of like the taste of Emergen-C Pink. It's pretty effective when you want to rehydrate after exercising.

My 3 year old son loves them. He asks if he can have more. But I would prefer to be able to have a half packet size that is perfect for his age range. Otherwise it's difficult to split up and make sure it is correct.

the pink lemonade one is really good and they make a pomagranate one that is pretty good. I didnt like the others i tried ,but the citrus is especially horrible.

I don't care for the taste all nor do my children but it does work very well, if they would improve the taste would be helpful getting my children to take it

looks like a great product

This product has really helped my child's cold every time. The only thing my son complains about is the taste. Needs to be more flavorable.

My son used this last winter before the cold season started and I was impressed. He had a slight onset of the sniffels once and that's it. Cured that right up with some tea and a warm bath. I believe the extra boost of vitamin C did the trick.

I lik the flavorss

Kids love it. When they have juice I just mix a packet into the juice.

very good flavor that makes kids interested in receiving it.