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I wish I could afford some right now so others could also benefit.

I love my TOMS!! I am a teacher, and am on my feet the majority of the day. Wearing TOMS allows me to do this comfortably. I also love the fact that they give to children in need.

Tom's shoes are wonderfully comfortable. I recently worked in Southeast Asia and one of the biggest problems is that children can not afford shoes, therefore they walk around the streets barefoot. It is terribly sad. Tom's shoes has made a courageous effort to help children all over the world. Yes there are problems in America, but when you visit third world countries, you realize that other people need things more than us. Never have I seen a shoeless child roaming the streets in America. So let's look at the bright side and be proud to purchase a pair of shoes that will help out children all over the world. And you get a great pair of shoes!

I believe that while helping other people in other countries is a nice idea, what about the needs of the people in our own country. There are plenty of people in the US that don't have shoes that could use them among other things.