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  • cwo4wife By  cwo4wife    

    I think this is the worst razor I've ever used and bar far the most expensive. The shave gel bars create a sloppy goop that make the razor slippery and I finish with more cuts and blood than when I first started shaving my legs! Horrible.

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  • cheerful1 By  cheerful1    

    The Gillette Venus Breeze razor is by far one of the best razors I have ever tried! The blades stay sharper longer and it gives you a very close shave that seems to last longer,too! I bought one for my 15 year-old daughter and she has been using the same blade for quite awhile, and keeps telling me to feel how smooth her legs are! lol They are a little pricier than some, but the way I feel about it is this: If the baldes are going to last as long as ours have,it is well worth it!

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