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It seems so simple but it makes such a huge difference!!

I love everything about Tom's shoes. Tom is a genius and I love the fact that a child gets shoes for every pair you buy!

That's a great ideaa. GO TOMS SHOES *

I think that this is a wonderful thing. I wish that everyone would buy a pair.

I think that TOMS is an amazing concept for a business, they've come a really long way in improving the shoes too. They are really comfy stylish shoes with a cause.

I have bought several pairs on Tom's Shoes and they are comfy and cute and different. I will continue to buy the shoes.

I"m SOOO on board with's a great cause and the next pair of shoes that I buy are going to be Tom's. Their shoes are super cute...and from what I hear very comfortable.

i think this is a great idea the shoes are so cute plus they are helping kids that cant afford anything which i think thats a great thing ..god bless you guys

In recently traveling to Haiti I got to see firsthand children roaming the streets with no shoes on their feet and parents not able to afford shoes for them. So I totally support Tom in helping to provide shoes for those who can't help themselves.

I love these shoes. They have great designs, they're comfortable and you don't feel guilty buying them because a pair goes to a child. I give Tom's shoes two thumbs up!

I love this program. It makes me feel good to know that by simply buying a pair of these shoes, you can help a child who's parents are not able to.

There are so many children in need right here in the USA. Why are these companies always helping other children and neglecting the ones in their own country ??? As much as I would like to buy a pair, I wont. I wont support any product that puts another country before the US.

TOMS DOES DONATE IN AMERICA. They have a shoe drop in New Orleans coming up in the next few weeks. I should have posted this in the original posting...I think I just came across it after more research though. They have frequent drops in America...more so then in other countires just for everyone's information :) Please continue to support this cause.

I don't see the point in continuing to be an enabler to these poor countries when our own people right here DO need help. Where have all these donations of food, clothing and cash come from? From the very people who now have lost their jobs, their homes and had their lives ruined. The ones that now cannot continue to donate and are in need of their own help. The ones that suffer the most with all the government cutbacks. Are you blind to what's happening here? People live in their cars. Whole families! In abandoned houses, gas station bathrooms, it goes on and on. Why should these folks have to go without their running water and electricity and a roof over their head when they had worked so hard to get them? They donated to the cause before, and now they deserve the same in return. There are ALOT of Americans who have lost everything. Heard of Katrina? Many families still are in shelters. OUR people DO need help and they rightfully deserve it before ANYONE else!

I love the idea but I think that the proceeds made on shoe sales in the countries they sell in should be donated back to that country (I believe they are not only sold in the US). We are in an economic crisis here at home and it's time to reign in on the out-poor of support for countries outside of your own - and I mean this for ALL nations. Again, this is a wonderful idea, but there are SO many families in need here in the USA as well. We have always given support to other countries at the neglect of our own needy and right now it's time to own up to our own country.