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  • quikhands By  quikhands    

    I love this razor, it works better than any other razor I've used in the past.

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  • angelahope By  angelahope    

    Best rasor I have ever had yet!!! Very smooth and dont leave residue. Leaves a clean shave. My hair doesn't grow back as fast when I use this product, I think it gets a really close shave!!

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  • waterwoman By  waterwoman    

    I love, love, love the Venus razor. I would recommend Venus to anyone. I have very coarse hair and the Venus smoothly shaves and leaves my legs feeling soft and touchable. The Venus cost more than other razors, but...... you get what you pay for.

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  • Wannette By  Wannette    

    I LOVE this razor its a smooth shave. It's worth the difference in money for a good item. I don't get any razor burns, the size is great to hold and shave with too. 5 star!!!!

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  • br1684 By  br1684    

    I love the feel of my legs after this razor, however I don't like that after a few shaves, the purple 'moisturizer' stuff around the razor starts popping off. Other than that I think it's a great razor.

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  • jwinkle0514 By  jwinkle0514    

    I bought the Venus disposables to try it out and I love it! My legs are a lot smoother and I haven't cut myself like I have with the Venus Embrace. And this one is definitely worth the extra money!

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  • KathyCouponer By  KathyCouponer    

    This has been the only razor I've been using. Love that I don't have to lather up before I shave and I get a really smooth, soft, close shave. The razor itself lasts me about 2 months however the soap area doesn't last this long. And because the refill's are so expensive I only purchase them when I'm able to find coupons for them.

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  • Danielle75 By  Danielle75    

    it is ok the blades need to be bigger,.

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  • sephoraluver75 By  sephoraluver75    

    Like, not love. Doesn't scratch me up but Gilette Mach razors are still king in my book, they just cost too much!

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  • ErinLeigh1984 By  ErinLeigh1984    

    I did not care for this razor. It worked okay the first couple of shaves but after that it went downhill. I think maybe because of the number of blades it is just not as smooth of a shave compared to the embrace that has more blades.

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  • moldyoranges By  moldyoranges    

    This is my razor and I love it! I don't like that the refills are expensive for like 4 or 6, but I love it!

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  • Jadensmommie By  Jadensmommie    

    I like this product pretty well. The only thing I dislike is the head on it was a bit big and I was unable to get a very close shave around my knees.

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  • Danie1214 By  Danie1214    

    I LOVE this razor. I have super sensitive skin and have had issues with different shaving cream and razor combination's but this is just perfect! It makes daily shaving so convenient and easy since I don't have to worry about using shaving cream-it's all in the strip. I never have any type of razor burn! 5 stars!

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  • made33 By  made33    

    Always get close smooth shave from venus razors. Pricey but sometimes spending little more for better results is worth it.

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  • joy9281 By  joy9281    

    All venus razors are worth the extra $ They always work well and I get such a smoother closer shave with much less cutting or irritation than typical razors.

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