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  • Angeleyes749 By  Angeleyes749     SheSpeaks Tester

    After trying all types of shaving products,the Gillette Venus Olay razor came to my rescue.No more shaving cream,no more burning legs from trying to hurry and dry shave,and I never nick myself.I was always a fan of my hubby's razor because they always seemed better until I found this razor.It's simple to use,no messy shaving cream,and all you need is water.Perfect for going on vacation.I am able to get all of the hair on my legs and under my arms without leaving anything but a smooth area behind.

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  • krystlbear By  krystlbear     SheSpeaks Tester

    I had the change to review this product through another site and I absoutely love it. No more using my hubby's razor because like most men's razors it has 5 blades which gives you a close shave. I also love that you don't need to apply any shave gel and it leaves my legs feeling nice and moisturized.

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  • jygriebel By  jygriebel     SheSpeaks Tester

    The Gillette Venus & Olay Razor has just been introduced and what a great product it is!! Like many men's razors it has a five blade head for the best possible hair removal experience. You no longer need to use shaving cream thanks to the Olay Moisture Bars which release skin conditioners and lock in moisture! You simply wet your legs and shave with this great razor, how much easier can shaving get? This razor also comes with a handy shower holder and has a very ergonomically friendly handle. Check out the new Gillette Venus & Olay Razor at to find out more about this great new product! Disclosure: I received a sample of the Gillette Venus & Olay razor for testing and review purposes through the Influenster ( program.

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