Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

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What women want I only use Venus razors. I usually buy the disposable ones just because of the price but I have used this one before. Does not cause skin to become irritated and makes it a lot easy to avoid accidental cuts. Leaves legs feeling smooth and moisturized....ALL FROM A RAZOR!! GO VENUS!

Best of the best I think this is by far the best razor I have ever used. I think is totally worth its price if u can afford to buy it once a montH. I used my razor Cartridge six times before needing another..

great razor This is a great razor for the bikini line area as well as legs. I haven't had any accidental cuts at all which is great, and it is really good ant getting around the ankle bone too

guillete venus My new FAVORITE razor! I am in love with this razor. Influenster recently sent me this razor complimentary in my Mega Voxbox for testing purposes, and this absolutely met my expectations and more! No other razor has made my legs feel as silky as this razor has after using it! By the look of the packaging, it sounded so nice, and I was hoping it'd hydrate my legs, and help prevent them from getting irritated like they usually do. And oh man did it do that! It moisturized my legs before and after the razor smoothed over them. My shave was so easy, and it felt nice. I didn't get any cuts or little knicks on my legs while shaving, and it took me less time, too! I won't ever go back to my off brand razor I was using before. I love this one too much! And I love the way my legs felt afterwards! I'd give this razor 10 stars if I could and I'd recommend it to every woman I see!

Wonderful razor a wonderful brand. I love this product I've been using ever since I started shaving my legs. The only product in which I buy.

Perfect for sensitive skin Ok so i have super sensitive skin and it's hard for me to find products that won't irritate my skin or leave it feeling dry. About a year ago i came across this at the store and decided to try it. I was so glad i did!! This is the only razor i have used that actually leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth after shaving instead of dry and itchy. I will now only use this razor from here on out.

Smooth! I love this razor. It is smooth and works better than any other razor I have used!

Great Product I love this product. It works great and gets the job done. I would recommend this product to anyone

Best Razors EVER The Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor is AWESOME!!! The way my legs feel so soft and smooth, no other razor can do that. It had a nice moisturizing feel. I would recommend.

Venus Razor Venus Breeze razors give you a silky smooth shave while leaving your skin moist and soft. Love all Venus products.

Great razor! I have been using Gillette for years- and I love it! Works great and I don't nick myself near as often with this product- very easy to use and inexpensive- I would highly recommend this product!

silky I like the Gillett products. My favorite is the original or the Embrace. I find the product with the lotions slip .( I am always in a rush and rarely take my time ) Overall, this product does a great job and leaves your skin soft

No more razor bumps This can be used on any part of your body, no cuts and no bumps. Great for gently removing hair from your body.

Close shave I love this product! Whenever I use this product I have a smooth close shave every time!

Venus razors are awesome Venus razors are the best for a close shave, good grip, and leaving your skin nice and smooth.