Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

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These had the perfect spicyness for me and my husband and they tasted great.

We just loved the Johnsonville Hot Sausages. I made spaghetti sauce with them and they were just the right amount of spice and heat for the sauce. The sausages were gone before the sauce!

We loved it! We used it in a creamy garlic sauce and served it over pasta. Yum!

These are spiced very well! I usually do not buy the hot but my kids love the hot stuff and begged! Being a pushover I ghave in! I used these to make stuffed rainbow peppers and it was delicious. I think the heat is more balanced in this sausage and less about the burn. It is a good compromise if you don't like things too spicy but enjoy a bit of kick!

Great taste and not greasy at all. I would recommend Johnsonville Hot Italian sausages to anyone...

I used the hot links in my homemade spagetti sauce. Once it was cooked up, I cut it up and put it in my sauce. Along with some browned chuck, it is the only thing, besides garlic and salt, that I use to flavor my sauce. If simmered long enough, you get a great tasting spagetti sauce.

Johnsonville's Hot Italian Sausage really spices up dinner just right. The flavors work together well and give provide just enough heat to make it mouth watering but not tear jerking. It really makes my dinner and especially pasta meals more interesting.

Absolutely loved this, used in spaghetti for an extra kick.

This is the tastiest hot italian sausage I have ever had! Everyone LOVED it! I got rave reviews and will continue to buy this and only this.

We tried the Sweet Johnsonville Sausage, so far. I did like it, and I am not a big sausage fan. It was easy to cook, my husband liked the meal. I think on the grill it will be really good to try all the varities. I would not have thought to add sausage to the dish I made, but it made it taste better.

This was a perfect alternative to a meat sauce! We boiled penne pasta and used marinara sauce, while bbq-ing the Italian Sausage. We cut the sausage in diagonal slices, and placed it on top of the pasta and sauce. Then we put on grated mozzarella cheese....we like a little crushed red pepper in the sauce too! It was delicious and my husband did the grilling while I only did the penne! We served it with green salad and French bread. YUM! For someone who never bought Italian sausage before, Johnsonville was really good! I'll buy it and include it in my dinner menus!

I love the hot and spicy Italian sausage; we tried it in a rich creamy tomato sauce over mostaccioli and baked with a parmesan/crumb topping until golden. The sausage was so enjoyable - juicy, tender and the spices balanced the naturally sweet taste of Italian sausage. We enjoyed the remaining sausages as an accompaniment to an asparagus and feta omelet the next morning. It was delicious but he sausage is so rich tasting and filling that we could not eat a whole sausage. It is amazing how far the sausage goes! We also tried the bratwurst - it is perfect on fresh deli sourdough buns with mustard and smoked cheddar, diced onion and relish. We are now avid Johnsonville fans!

We really enjoyed these spicy sausages. I made it as part of a baked ziti dish and the kids really like the added kick of spice. I will definietly be using this as part of our Italian baked ziti dish again!

Rich and delicious sausage. Not fatty or bland. I would recommend Johnsonville Hot Italian sausage honestly.. you will honestly love it!!

Delicious sausage , I removed the casing and fried it with eggs onions and green peppers.