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  • JDucl1982 By  JDucl1982    

    I love amazon along with everyone else. I have used it a lot more in the last few years since I have been getting a lot of gift codes through different surveys and online focus groups. It's easy to use and most sellers ship fairly quickly. They have really good deals on DVDs and Books, some for only a penny! (plus shipping)

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  • toot59 By  toot59    

    I love amazon, I frequently buy books,cds,& computer games & have always received them quickly. All the used items have been in better shape than described.

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  • Aspiringauthor09 By  Aspiringauthor09    

    I bought a few books from Amazon, and have no real complaints. It's a really easy-to-use website. My only complaint was that my books got here really late, like three weeks after ordering. And they didn't even come together. I don't know if Amazon had anything to do with that, but there was no god reason for them to arrive so late!

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  • chattysimone By  chattysimone    

    I buy pretty much anything from them.. I have returned a few items and have never had a problem getting a new one or getting my money back.. I find there prices to be more than fair. Love shopping with Amazon

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  • mfb123m By  mfb123m    

    Amazon usually has really good prices and customer services! sometimes ebay is a bit cheaper. they have cheap cd's too it's great!

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  • sturkie1 By  sturkie1    

    I love Amazon. You can most anything your heart desires and they ship it right to you.

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  • MissLynn9 By  MissLynn9    

    I love I've never had a problem with them. I always find good deals there.

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  • Lizzlebit By  Lizzlebit    

    I must agree; I shop on Amazon regularly. Always get what I order for a good deal and in a timely manner! I also like that I can review / read reviews of products on the website.

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  • Plyfulteaze By  Plyfulteaze    

    love this site, i actually have ordered three things this week (a cocktail book, a game for the pc, and a new battery for my dell) and i havent had a problem yet.

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  • jms1683 By  jms1683    

    I shop Amazon every couple of months, and have loved every second of it! Great prices, and great shipping rates.

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  • junconventional By  junconventional    

    Next time try the Better Business Bureau - I had to fill out a complaint for sears and comcast. You may even get your late fee back.

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    I am writing a review on how horrible Customer service is as well as what a waste of time writing to the Director of for assistance. They lack the compassion and understanding of customers and they do not care if you will cancel an account with them. they don't even try to keep you as a consumer! I was charged a late fee for paying one day before the due date. however, I thought, if the post office shows the date of when payment was made or if it was an electronic wire payment, then everything should be fine, or there would be a grace period. I explained to the customer service, and to the director with a detailed letter showing my bank transaction, however i received a letter back with NO SOLUTION. only a generic template letter which i doubt he ever typed up himself stating that they will not waive the late fee and a bullet outline on how to avoid this in the future. I didn't care about how i would pay the bill in the future because i won't be having this issue in the future, but where was a detailed explanation back to WHY they won't waive the late fee? NONE. i felt as if i was talking to a brick wall and had no choice but to take this late fee as a loss. the only fault that i see myself being in, was not being in the states to pay the bill! rates the lowest of the low in caring about keeping their customers and understanding!

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  • terribagwell By  terribagwell    

    Amazon is the best, I go to Amazon before I go to any other site. Amazon gives you many prices and sites to buy products, either new or used!!! Everytime I have order through Amazon (about 25) I always get my product super fast!! I would recommend to anyone looking to shop online.

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  • prettygirl8 By  prettygirl8    

    I love Amazon. Great prices and I love how I can review products before I buy them. I'm definitely a frequent buyer on

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  • Latsyrc728 By  Latsyrc728    

    Amazon is great! I have found it the best place to buy books (including text books) as well as many other things. My husband was looking for a T.v. cable that cost $99 at Bestbuy, we found it for $50 at Walmart....I got it new on Amazon for $13!!! Great deals & super easy to use!

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