Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

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I also used the Hot Johnsonville Italian Sausage in my Sausage, Peppers, Onions and Potatoes. I prefer the sweet as my husband prefers the hot. I mix both and enjoyes using the Johnsonville brand. We will have to try the different kinds of Johnsonville Sausage....we've only tried the Sweet and Hot. Thank you for the opportunity!

Husband loved it, but I can not anything that is hot.

Full of flavor and heat! Very tasty-my hubby loved it. I made him sausage and peppers and he gobbled it up!

The more spice the better! This sausage is just perfect! You cannot go wrong with Johnsonville - and this HOT italian sausage is my favorite!

I love this product- my family likes it hot . I used this in a meat lasagna.

The hotter the better in our house. Everyone loved these!!!

Delicious could not find the HOT out of the casing so I just removed casing browned it up and added to my spaghetti sauce they ALL loved it....

The heat was perfect, but a little too much fat for my families liking.

My husband and I love spicy food and pasta...what a great combo. I made ours with bowtie pasta and our favorite sause we make together and it turned into a wonderful meal for us to share.

Definitely my favorite! The spicy jazzes up any dish. We use it in our stuffed Manicotti, spaghetti, cheese dips and other great recipes. They make awesome meat balls!

This has got to be the bestest sausage ever...................that's a quote from my 5 year old. And, let me tell you that's saying something!

When they say hot they mean it! Our family is one that loves spice in everything, well besides cereal. We love to fry this on our grill. It gives them a great smokey taste. We all eat it different because it is a so diverse product. On likes it in a bun with Kraut. The other two like it in an omelete. I like to chop it and dip it in horseraddish. OK, no more, my mouth is wattering.

too hot for me and my husband, but our son loved it. I would recommend this to someone if they like spicy.

Loved, Loved, LOVED this with peppers, onions and tomatoes! Delish!

We loved the spicey sausage. We made sausage and peppers they were delicious!