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Tide To Go

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This pen is amazing! I really like having it so compact that I can take it out with me when my 2 year old and I go out. He will always spill something on himself, and on his car seat, but this took the stains right out!

I never thought of throwing this in my purse--what a great idea! Works of stains!

Haven't had to use the sample I got yet but have used this in the past. It's great to carry on the go when something happens. I usually treat the stain if I'm home immediately but having this when your out and about is a great idea and helps until you can get home and take care of your clothing.

Holy smack Tide to go is my savior! I spill something on myself ALL of the time when we are out to eat! Works very well, something I will be carrying in my purse at ALL times for sure!

Keeping this in my purse is a god send. I think I spill something on myself every day and if I didn't have the tide to go I would probably have a lot of ruined clothes. Its so great and convenint. I would cry if this stopped being sold!

I always keep these around the house for any little spot that shows up on light colored cloth items. I don't like to always throw my bedspread in the wash because it's heavy and takes awhile to dry. If I see a spot on it, I'll just use the Tide To Go and the bedspread looks clean again. (Great for between washings)!

I keep this in my purse i spilled some cofee on my shirt this morning and i went into the bathroom and pulled out the tide to go and it got most of the stain out.


Works great for those all too common messes my kids love to get into when we're out and about. Doesn't always dry completely invisible (can leave a ring) but it's better than ruining a shirt because it didn't get treated soon enough. I love keeping one of these in my purse.

For a mom of 2 active small children, this is a dream come true. It's the perfect size for my diaper bag or purse and so convenient when we're out and about. I love Tide products and this is just another wonderful Tide product.

I think this is such a handy little product. I have one for my car and purse. I spill food and things all the time and now with a daughter that is always snacking and drinking and rubbing and smearing, this really helps me in the battle to avoid spots during the day. I feel like I am prepared when I have it with me. It dispenses a good amount of product, not too much to make your clothes too wet or drippy. This is a fantastic concept and execution.

having a teen and a preschooler, theres always stains in their clothes. i put this on the stroller in case of one of those accidental stains and i used it right away when i saw my 4 yr old spilled a little bit of red juice on her, took the stain away and is awesome.

I've used this a few times and sometimes it works great and sometimes it doesn't really help and get the stain completely out. It's convenient to carry around and I guess it's a great pretreater but you have to remember to really treat the stain when you get home because on it's own I don't think it's enough. But for on the go use it does a pretty good job.

Tide to go is very convenient. I take it with me in my purse every where I go. :)

I keep one of these in my purse always with two kids - sometimes it really helps to prevent stains, but not always. The cap tends to fall off way too easily in my purse, which is one thing I don't like. It's a good product, but not the absolute best stain remover I have tried.