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  • jsaxon1112 By  jsaxon1112    

    while I wish I could give a high rating I sadly do not own a dyson. We recently bought a home with carpet and now have no vacuum cleaner. We are on the market for one and this particular model is something that would suit our needs perfectly. I would love to have the opportunity to test this Dyson in my home.

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  • 1234pw By  1234pw    

    i would like to try it looks very classy. also so clean

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  • jillrae By  jillrae    

    This is the second animal Dyson I have owned. . I will never own another vacuum. We had 4 dogs and our house gets very hairy so it works it little but off. I like not having to replace the bags like the old days too.

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  • drown22 By  drown22    

    I saved up my money to purchase this and I was not disappointed. It works well and if you have pets it is a must. Very good suction and picks up lots of hair from carpets.

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  • dmp515 By  dmp515    

    I had this vacuum...and while it worked well.....it did not last near as long as I thought it would for the price. I really can't say anything bad while it was functioning.....just not happy with the life of the vacuum.

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  • Ayyejax By  Ayyejax    

    Picks all everything and leaves my carpet nice and clean !

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  • ashleytaz By  ashleytaz    

    i would never waist my money on a Dyson. i cleand a friends house after she had sugery. she had a dyson. it would not pick up glitter. cleand it and tried agin and it still woulndn't. i had to take my vacume over. then had a man working for a dyson repair shop tell me they suck. they do not work like they say brake down alot, and if you need anything for them you will pay more.

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  • SarahKrumsick By  SarahKrumsick    

    I have owned my Animal Dyson for 4 years. I love it. One recommendation - make sure you wash the filter regularly to get the best results

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  • xoxodragonfly By  xoxodragonfly    

    I don' like Dysons one bit. They are awkward and when you need to use the hose it is very uncomfortable. Way too much money for this too!

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  • Rachael403 By  Rachael403    

    I was not as impressed with this vaacum as I was expecting. It had a lot of power, but as I would go through and clean the whole house, it would start loosing more and more suction. It was a constant battle. I went out and bought a shark for well over half the price (on sale) and it won my heart. I have heard rave reviews about the dyson, but it wasn't for our home.

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  • AdriannaSmith By  AdriannaSmith    

    Best vacuum I have ever owned. Has a great suction and had been working strong for years!

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  • candries By  candries    

    Amazing vacuum!!! This is the best vacuum I've ever owned. Very light weight and so much easier to use than other brands. The attachments are convenient and easy to use. It gets the carpets super clean too, you won't believe the hair and dust it picks up. I recommend this vacuum to all!

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  • kittyyoga By  kittyyoga    

    We've had ours for 8 years! Apart from having to clean the vacuum a few times per year, it is amazing. I've never had to have it repaired and it's easy to clean my house with it.

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  • TexasChick16 By  TexasChick16    

    I am a dyson user for life! I a small dog that sheds year round and it seems like the hair incorporates itself into anything. This vacuum sucks up all the hair no problem! All the little pieces of dried playdoh my child drops on the carpet are gone in one pass. Highly recommend for moms with kids and pets!

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  • kkotts8 By  kkotts8    

    I have never used a dyson vacuum but my husband is a carpet layer. In his line of work dyson is not recommended to use on most carpets. The suction is to strong and can damage carpet.

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