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  • tammylove2011 By  tammylove2011    

    good quality and has lasted for both my kids

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  • jenigirl4 By  jenigirl4    

    This is a great seat! Britax is one of the safest brands, and the brand is money well spent! If you know anything about kids you know washable is important, if you don't know anything about kids you will find out when you have a toddler in a car seat! This one is easily washable and that is a must with a 2 year old! A great seat on every level!

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  • donohue88 By  donohue88    

    The best car seat I think. My grandsons loved it.

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  • rachstreeks By  rachstreeks    

    We have two Britax car seats for out girls. Love them! I would never buy another car seat. Easy to install and I rest assured that my girls are safe in their seats. Covers are removable to wash which is great for spills and food stains.

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  • 87rbbjef By  87rbbjef    

    Great product

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  • Chasitysiron By  Chasitysiron    

    Hands down best car seat. A must have. We love it.

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  • Ashvanhees By  Ashvanhees    

    Great durable car seat

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  • aisol001 By  aisol001    

    Wonderful seat. I used it for both of my daughters. they were very comfortable and very happy

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  • Bnkninja By  Bnkninja    

    Use this for my daughter! Loooove this!

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  • MzMeg513 By  MzMeg513    

    I won this car seat along with a stroller car seat set from britax when my son was born. It has been one of the best things I have ever gotten britax has just grown with my son. This car seat is great for toddlers it's easy to adjust as they get bigger and it is very simple to move from one car to the next and its pretty light for such s big seat. I'm super lucky to have won this seat. If I didn't win it I still would have went out and purchase this one.

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  • DawnRy By  DawnRy    

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this seat! It is so easy to install and feels very secure rear-facing. My M-I-L has 2 different brands (even though I specifically told her which one to buy) and it makes me a nervous wreck when he rides with her, neither feel as secure as this one, even though they have more frills than Britax. I prefer him to be safe than have arm rests and cupholders.

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  • suzanette By  suzanette    

    Love this car seat. My 41 lb. 3 year old is still in it. It washes up well. Also if you have to change them around to different cars Britax has a much easier removal and set-up that other brands. Love the brand so much bought the highback booster for my 5 year old (44lbs.) which he still is using the 5 point and can get himself in and out

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  • scowell009 By  scowell009    

    Fabulous carseat! The only comlaint is that sometimes the metal buckle does not fasten!

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  • trynitey By  trynitey    

    We love this seat! We have it for my 3yr old and he's been using it for 2.5yrs. It's been through a lot of dirt and grime and it's still holding up well. It will fit him for awhile and the safety of the seat are amazing. I love that the tethering is easy to do and that the lap straps have velcro on them to prevent the buckles from falling down and getting lost. Overall, a wonderful carseat. We liked it so much, we got another for our now 6 month old.

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  • marsiana1 By  marsiana1    

    I love this chair for my baby, but I find it a bit expensive, but is very safe.

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