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  • Leahmom By  Leahmom    

    One quality Walmart store

    I have only been in one Walmart that I can say was an enjoyable experience. The employees were helpful, and the store was tidy and spacious. Most Walmart stores I have found lacking in these areas.

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  • DaniDreamGirl By  DaniDreamGirl    

    Walmart is usually my first choice because of prices. What I do not like is the attitude of some of the employees. They have about a dozen lines and most of the time there are only 4 open; that has to change. I spend more time waiting in line than I do shopping.

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  • mary79 By  mary79    

    Okay, so I have been to many Walmart stores from Michigan to Georgia and what I have found is some are good, some not good at all. For instance, you couldn't pay me to step foot in the Walmart in Sterling Heights, MI (Van Dyke/14 mile) again. But Sterling Heights has another location I never had a problem with, and where I live now in Big Rapids, MI, I don't mind going in that Walmart at all. It's clean and the employees are friendly, I even have a favorite cashier.

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  • candries By  candries    

    I know we all have to shop at Walmart form time-to-time......they have good prices, are easy to get in and out. Sometimes they just seem a little cramped. It is so hard to get through their CLOTHING departments. Spread those racks out a little bit to give people room to get through and shop!

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  • Laurenrae3045 By  Laurenrae3045    

    Honestly Walmart is my favorite place to shop! I can ALWAYS find everything I need at a decent price! The only bad things about Walmart are the rude employees (probably because they're not happy working there) and the long lines when it comes to checking out!

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  • pureprophecy1 By  pureprophecy1    

    walmart has decent prices but they never seem to have the same thing i like two weeks in a row lol its kinda like the dollar store. and the produce is not very fresh

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  • j92311 By  j92311    

    They are really one of the most convenient stores with the best . I bet you can go anywhere and have a wal-mart less than an hour away

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  • angelinafalcon413 By  angelinafalcon413    

    Walmart is not my go to unless I really have to. There are never enough employees to help a customer and lines are long. They are not good at the register when I use a coupon and online purchases require $50 which is more than there competitors!

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  • weekley10 By  weekley10    

    Love how you can find everything you need in one place. Hate how they may only have a few registers open at a time, including holidays, while workers are seen standing around talking.

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  • ivyvine77 By  ivyvine77    

    I used to love the Walmart we lived close to in our last house. The one close to me now is horrible. It takes forever to be checked out and don't go to the quick checkouts they don't enforce the item limit. The prices are good but it's not worth the customer service

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  • springeree By  springeree    

    Walmart isn't my favorite place to shop for groceries but most other stuff like for the house they always have good prices

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  • Skyvark By  Skyvark    

    Walmart is okay for cheap items that are relatively durable. Not my first choice, but buy stuff like school supplies there. I will also purchase "extra" clothing for my kids to play in

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    I hate Walmart and can't think of a single person that likes shopping there. The only reason why people do shop there is because they have low prices and people can't afford to shop anywhere else. Their products are low quality, their stores are ALWAYS dirty (especially the bathrooms) and nothing is organized. Once an item goes out of stock, it takes them a month to get that item back in. Employees are rude and not even worth minimum wage. I typically use self checkout but the last time I went to a cashier, it took two of them to count the money I have them! If you are a cashier, you should at least know how to add and subtract without the help of a machine.

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  • makeupaficionado22 By  makeupaficionado22    

    Wal-Marts prices are hard to beat...everything is a dollar or more cheaper here than at other locations. They also price match to their website as well as to other competitors prices. Their return policies are fantastic. However I feel some of the employees, granted I said some, seem a bit unhappy. I mean I get some super happy employees, and some who it seems like they really could care less. I dunno if its a racism thing or what, but it would be great if all employees got some sort of customer service training or something. Its just good for business to be nice. No harm no foul.

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  • Tmrennick By  Tmrennick    

    I personally love walmart. It depends on the location the type of help you get.

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