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    Was a good concept

    Loved this product when it first came out but it doesn't seem to work on grease as well as it used to and it's very hard to find refill for it.

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  • Amy197612 By  Amy197612    

    Better than my old dish washing soap

    I found this product by accident at Walmart and decided to try it and I won?t go back to my old dish liquid now! Works great on the toughest food grease and makes your dishes nice n clean!

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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    Great grease cutter!

    This is really good at cutting the grease on pans!

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  • DewGirl By  DewGirl    

    Makes doing dishes EASY!

    Convenient and Effective. Dawn is my go-to dishwashing liquid and this product gets the job done. Just spray on the soap and it quickly cut the grease and baked on foods, leaving a streak free shine with no residue.

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  • LDBeckner By  LDBeckner    

    Dawn is a brand i stick with. This direct foam is one of my favorites along with the regular blue. this direct foam smells good, works so good cleaning the dishes and makes my sink sparkle. the foam is also good to use on the dog bc it spreads thru his fur so easy and makes him smell so clean.

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  • JayneH By  JayneH    

    Spray the Dawn Foam--watch the gunk leave!

    I love this quality dish soap from Dawn and have bought it over the last few years to help me get my pots and pans cleaned it works great especially on those tough stuck on food problems. Spray it on let the pan sit for a little while and your problem will just come right out with not too much effort. I swear by this product and I actually have gifted this product to my niece that is not the world's best cook but needs all the help to allow her to not give up in the kitchen!

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  • mcombs By  mcombs    

    Great Dawn product

    This is a great new dish soap product from Dawn. I would highly recommend it to everyone to see for themselves

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  • ronikala By  ronikala    

    Great Product!

    I love this stuff...so handy & easy to use..no need to set up a whole sink for a few dishes!

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  • cyndylew26 By  cyndylew26    


    I was pleasantly surprised upon using this product for the first time. It does what it states it'll do. I recommend

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  • bonita7878 By  bonita7878    

    Basically Basic

    I'm a fan of foam soaps and I am a fan of Dawn, but I am not feeling like the duo hit the mark of what it's purported to be able to do. I saw it and was initially excited to try it, but it's just not powerful enough to deal with gunk nor grease. Does well with basic dishes like cups and hands as well. I personally will not be purchasing again.

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  • sonnetdog By  sonnetdog    

    Go with the classic!

    This is not as good at cutting grease as the regular dawn product. Go with the classic!

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  • jogeraci By  jogeraci    

    Dawn: Get Rid of Grease FAST!

    This is the only detergent I use when washing dishes and need to get rid of grease fast.

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  • Carriezpc By  Carriezpc    

    #1 dish soap

    Best stuff ever. Cuts grease and oil like nothing else does.

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  • mdkbasher By  mdkbasher    

    Nice dish wash

    It is a good dish wash. It gives us better result. I enjoy it.

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  • Rianne840 By  Rianne840    

    Cuts the grease!

    All I use is dawn, find it works the best, love the pump, comes in handy for washing hands, even tho it's a small bottle it lasts a long time

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