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  • Virgpost By  Virgpost    

    My lab destroys EVERYTHING!! Kong is the only product that will hold up!! Keeps her busy!

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  • Msdreat By  Msdreat    

    Doggy land

    My dogs have so much fun with Kong. I fill it with peanut butter and they go it for hours!

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  • Pitlover17 By  Pitlover17    


    My girl loves this toy more than anything. She is a pit mastiff mutt that chews anything to shreds EXCEPT THIS. As long as there is a treat in there she will play for hours.

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  • letsgolf By  letsgolf    


    My Husky loves to chew on his Kong. This is about the only toy that he hasn?t destroyed! Great to keep him busy and help clean his teeth.

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  • baklini By  baklini    

    love this thing!

    This is the only toy my golden doodle cannot destroy. We actually buy all the sizes and put treats in the them to keep her entertained.

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  • WonderWomen72 By  WonderWomen72    

    Very Durable

    My puppy destroys every single toy we get him but the Kong surprisingly held up. We put some peanut butter inside of it and he loves it. Does make a little bit of a mess but it's easy to clean up.

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  • kstead15 By  kstead15    

    My Dog's Favorite Toy

    This is a great toy to keep your dog busy for a while. We love to fill this and then also freeze it which will keep the pet busy a little longer. Not only can you put in the Kong made treats, but you can do others like mashed bananas, 100% pure Pumpkin, make it up with some Cheerios with the peanut butter. Be creative. Your pet will love you for it! The best part is they can chew and chew and the toy does not break a part!

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  • autumnj By  autumnj    


    I bought this for my puppy and put peanut butter in it and it kept her busy for almost an hour. Plus the king is super strong and she has not been able to tear it apart.

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  • ashley1988 By  ashley1988    

    color is cool

    my dog loves itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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  • mikaylathacker By  mikaylathacker    

    These are the only toys I buy for my bully breed dogs. Last literally forever and you can fill them up with treats or peanut butter.

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  • slilley By  slilley    


    Durable! We're on year 3 with this toy. We put peanut butter and treats inside for our chocolate lab when we leave her in the crate, and she loves it!

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  • MalissaCurschmann By  MalissaCurschmann    

    If you have a big pup like me ( both my dogs weight over 100lbs) then you?ll want something durable like this! Both of my fur babies have Kong?s and they love it when I put peanut butter in them with a dog cookie!

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  • cweiss215 By  cweiss215    

    Our dog ate through the toy in about two days. Too expensive to only be used twice

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  • jlazarus By  jlazarus    

    Kong is the only dog toy that my large breed dog cannot destroy in two minutes. We also enjoy putting treats inside of it to entertain our dog.

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  • heather326 By  heather326    

    My Catahoulla had this torn apart in less than 15 min and he is only 3 mos old!!

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