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  • Sannick1 By  Sannick1    

    Love them!

    I absolutely love these cups and so do my children. Not only were they recommended by their dentist, but they helped my daughter when she was having a hard time figuring out how to get the spout in her mouth. With these, she could ease into using the sippy a little better. They are also relatively easy to clean and durable which are always helpful traits!

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  • Renee79 By  Renee79    

    Transistion like a winner!

    This is my favorite transitioning cup!!! My baby absolutely loves it and so do I!!! There are no spills with this cup.

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  • MamaBearOf2 By  MamaBearOf2    

    I love this product!! My daughter has the hello kitty one and it's the only legit non spill cup I have finally been able to find! It's awesome . You can also purchase lids separate on munchkins website . Nightly recommend

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  • Wildatheart By  Wildatheart    

    It was okay

    We really liked the concept of this cup but it was a little difficult for my 2 year old.

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  • Twinmom9216 By  Twinmom9216    

    Twins like it!

    I have 18 month old twins and just recently purchased these for them to start transitioning from sippy cups to regular cups. They really seem to like them and seem to think they are "big girls" when drinking from them. I do not allow cups in bed with them and they are pretty good about setting them on the table when not using. At this point i havnt had any negative expieriences only positive with this product.

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  • Honeybunnysmommy By  Honeybunnysmommy    

    Nice idea.

    We liked the idea of this cup but our son just does not like it.

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  • arwame By  arwame    

    good to train baby to drink from a cup

    pros= baby learns how to drink from the cup comes in nice colors cons= has to be washed regularly or black fungus starts growing leakes it the baby throws it if there is a little bit of liquid left it is very difficult for the baby to drink that

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  • emimorgan By  emimorgan    

    My go-to sippy cup for my toddler

    This is the best cup for toddlers transitioning from a sippy cup to a regular cup. The miracle is that there are no spills, even when turned upside down! The top of the cup opens only when my little one is drinking from it. I love that with the 360 design, she can easily pick it up and drink, without having to find the spout. Plus, I feel better about her using this regularly instead of a sippy cup that might not be great for her teeth alignment in the long run.

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