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  • Browneyedgirl90 By  Browneyedgirl90    

    These diapers are amazing. They help with preventing leaks and are great for babies with sensitive skin. A little over priced but definitely worth it.

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  • sawells17 By  sawells17    

    Love Huggies

    Huggies diapers are one of my favorites! My son has never had any leaks with these diapers. They are soft and the Winnie the Pooh design is just too cute!

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  • Duniac By  Duniac    

    Love love love

    So thankful for huggies! My daughter was allergic to every other diaper except this one! And now that I'm about to give birth to my son this will be the only brand I will buy! Good quality for a good price plus they hold!

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  • gingylove By  gingylove    

    The only diaper my daughter will wear!

    Seriously we have tried every other diaper and these are the only ones she will sleep in! I know these were the reason she slept through the night so young. These have been our go-to since day 1!

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  • burseygirl84 By  burseygirl84    

    Great diapers but over priced

    These diapers work great! Very absorbent and don't leak! I do believe they are over priced and very comparable to parents choice

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  • BiancaCloxton By  BiancaCloxton    

    Love these!

    These were my favorite. Love the quilting like material in the inside. Felt like they were a better quality than any of the diapers we tried. Very soft on my newborns skin. The only time I had trouble with blowouts in these was when it was time for my baby to go a size up.

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  • Cmellone By  Cmellone    


    Pampers is a great diaper brand. Thankfully none of my kids have been allergic to any of the diaper brands I have used, i tend to buy whatever I have coupons for or anything that is on sale, so I do not use this brand exclusively. I think there great as far as absorbency and fit.

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  • missy0414 By  missy0414    

    Love Huggies

    I absolutely love Huggies little movers! The double strap Velcro and the double elastic band around the baby legs keeps them from having spillage!! We can't use any other diaper on my 3 year old!! Soon we will use Huggies pull ups!! Thanks Huggies for making sure babies stay dry!!

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  • Momof3801 By  Momof3801    

    Expensive but worth the price

    Theses have to be my fav diapers for a new born. Ive tried alot and theses were the ony one that will hold pee without it leaking every where. The only problem is and why i didnt give them 5 stars is for the fact that there really expensive. But they are worth the price.

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  • marsem11 By  marsem11    


    This go around Huggies are the brand o have. I havent had any leaking and my little one can move around and not have any issues.

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  • Mandmmcleod By  Mandmmcleod    

    Great diapers

    I loved huggies for my babies. I could always trust that they were dry and comfortable. They were also durable and never leaked.

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  • kboulton28 By  kboulton28    

    Best product on the market!

    These are by far the best diapers out there! I have purchased this product for all 3 of my children over the last 12 yrs., & after trying all of the other different kinds, I refuse to buy anything other than these. It is definitely worth the extra money.

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  • Arinthea By  Arinthea    

    I used this and pampers on my baby for the first few weeks of life and they did wonders.

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  • Csramp15 By  Csramp15    

    Little snugglers are great! My daughter is long and skinny and little snugglers are the only diapers that fit her just right. I have tried all the other brands and they never fit right! Also, these seem to be the only kind that don't make her break out with a rash.

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  • Caliloo123 By  Caliloo123    

    They are great for chubby babies.

    These diapers are perfect, they fit snug against the baby but allow for movement. Once the size gets above size 1, they begin to run big. If your baby is tall and skinny, they do not fit true to size. They seem to fit better on chubby babies. Other than that, they are wonderful diapers and are worth the cost.

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