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  • JanuaryGrayz By  JanuaryGrayz    

    Good movie for the family

    This was fun for the whole family, and enjoyable. However, I hate when they show all the best parts on the movie trailer. It kind of ruins the enjoyment.

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  • Kagelino By  Kagelino    

    Secret Life of Pets

    If your kids love animals this is the movie for them

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  • Brittany8977 By  Brittany8977    

    Very cute!

    Such a cute family movie. Wasn't as good as i thought it would be but still nice for younger kids and anyone that loves a good animation.

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  • lauraealex23 By  lauraealex23    

    Great for kids

    This was a cute movie, I was just expecting the movie to be more like the actual life of a pet, not adventures. Either way, it was cute and made me laugh. My daughter loved it.

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  • Hatin2019 By  Hatin2019    

    A Really hilarious move Perfect for movie night with the family

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  • briannacorcione23 By  briannacorcione23    

    Really cute!

    Really cute! Im a big kid so little ones will love it for sure! Story line is really good but the animation is not the best. But again kids wont care!

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  • mmyuh_ By  mmyuh_    

    Wonderful movie, made me cry i couldn?t imagine not watching this movie! I definitely recommend everyone to watch. :)

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    Love it

    Loved this movie!!!!!! It's my nieces top choice to watch

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  • kboulton28 By  kboulton28    

    Good movie

    Cute movie for kids. My daughter has watched this at least 5 times, & enjoys seeing the different amimals talking.

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  • Roxett By  Roxett    

    Great family movie.

    I loved this movie, the first time I watched it I could not stop laughing at the little white fluffy dog. The hamster who couldn't find his apartment was just hilarious!

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  • ACockayne By  ACockayne    

    Absolutely adorable movie!

    My entire family (including 2 teen sons) absolutely loved it! Definitely a movie for everyone to watch!

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  • Mommy2jax1 By  Mommy2jax1    

    Cute and so funny!

    I absolutely loved it! It was cute and funny and something I can enjoy with my family as it has something for everyone. Definitely worth owning.

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  • MissAshley222 By  MissAshley222    

    Awesome movie

    This is too cute. My whole family loved it. Great for a family night in with some snacks.

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  • ChassyMarie89 By  ChassyMarie89    

    Secret lives of pets

    This is so cute and funny. I just love the little white rabbit that Kevin Hart plays. I love the end when the little girl gets the rabbit lol. Its just a good movie for the whole family to enjoy. I don't think you will be disappointed. Kids will love it.

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  • homemombkw By  homemombkw    

    The movie was funny and cute. My kids and I enjoyed watching this movie. I gave it three stars because we didn't find that it had much re-watch value.

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