McDonald's French Fries

McDonald's French Fries

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Sometimes great Giving the fries 4 stars because sometimes they are fantastic, other times.....meh. To solve the inconsistencies, I always order fries with no salt so that they will be fresh and hot when I get my meal. Otherwise sometimes they are lukewarm and way too salty. McDonald's fries are still my favorite.

Everything in monderation I only go about once a month since I know these aren't healthy, but they are very good fries.

Crunchy and Salty I have always loved McDonald's french fries over most fast food. Mainly because they have a faint crunch and if salted correctly its a wonderful combination.

I have honestly never had a bad experience eating McDonald's fries. There is a McDonald's close by where I live, and every time I have gone, the fries have been fresh, crispy, hot, and not too salty. I love their fries!

Want fresh fries? As as ex department manager for McDonald's as well as a customer of McDonald's, I would not reccomend getting these fries unless you ask for no salt and apply salt yourself at home or in the vehicle. For one, the fries and not garunteed fresh unless the McDonald's is busy, seeing as they do not like to waste food within proper time limits and secondly, the amount of salt put on the fries is just too much to be tasty or healthy. Take the time to apply your own salt and you will get fresh fries (and you will thank me)!

there are "the" fries! when we want kind of "fast food" fries, we definitely go to mc donalds !! I do not call them "french fries" but chips !!!! crunchy and delicious !! Ok, we all know that the products that are so tasty ,they are not so healthy especially when something is fried. But once or twice in a month - with ketchup on top-, we can allow ourselves to taste these magical fries!!!!

Not the best but not the worst It really depends on the location you go to, hit or miss. They're good fresh and lightly salted. I'd much rather other fast food chain fries 🍟 but McDonald's doesn't do too bad (if they aren't stale and cold)

Sometimes good, sometimes not Sometimes they are good, and sometimes they are horrible. Most of the time when I get fries from here they are either extremely greasy or cold. If it is busy they are greasy. If they are not busy they are icy cold. On occassion when they are freshly cooked the right way, they taste great. It's really hit or miss here.

2nd best Mcdonalds has the second best fries. I love how salty they are. I would rather have the fries than I would the burgers, especially dipped in hot mustard.

I'm a huge fan of french fries so i purchase fries almost everywhere i go Mcdonald's especially but they have to be fresh and just coming out of the grease.

Good snack These defentaily aren't healthy for you but i love dipping them in honey mustard!