McDonald's French Fries

McDonald's French Fries

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McDonald's Fries Best fries you can ever get! They can't be beat . Add salt even better or dip in ranch dressing.

Best Fries Ever! Always the best fries! I don't think other places can compare. The crisp first bite of a hot fry with that touch of salt is the best part of any day.

there are "the" fries! when we want kind of "fast food" fries, we definitely go to mc donalds !! I do not call them "french fries" but chips !!!! crunchy and delicious !! Ok, we all know that the products that are so tasty ,they are not so healthy especially when something is fried. But once or twice in a month - with ketchup on top-, we can allow ourselves to taste these magical fries!!!!

I have honestly never had a bad experience eating McDonald's fries. There is a McDonald's close by where I live, and every time I have gone, the fries have been fresh, crispy, hot, and not too salty. I love their fries!

French fries I think this are the best fries ever delicious and I'm sure everyone will agree

Delicious These fries are delicious but don?t eat too much if u don?t wanna gain weight

I love McDonald's French fries! I like that they are crispy just how I like them and that they're well seasoned too. I like the amount of salt present on them. I like the size of each individual one of them.

Best Fries Best fries ever, especially when they are freshly made.

Awesome sauce I just love McDonald's fries. I could eat them all day.

Love these french fries Love McDonald's french fries. They have just the right amount of salt and are crunchy.

Yes yes yes ! I love their fries . Whenever I crave fries I always think of McDonald?s first .