L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Day Cream SPF 18

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Day Cream SPF 18

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After using this product for several weeks I had hoped for more noticeable results. I think my skin is soft but that's about the end of the results. I find the smell a bit old fashion

Could definitely notice a reduction in pore size and wrinkles within 2 weeks

I was very sceptical when I received this product. I always use something at night, but thought I didn't need anything special for the day (beyond spf). I took a selfie (sans makeup) prior to starting the product. I like the way this cream felt when I put it on, and it worked well under my bb cream. I kept the routine up for one month and took another blank canvas photo (same location, same time of day). I was amazed that I could see a difference - not huge, but definitely an improvement! I have since purchased the night-time formula, and hoping to see even better results in the coming weeks!

I didn't really see all that much different in my fine lines and wrinkles. I would love to say that it was the miracle I've been looking for but I can't.

I am a very low maintenance kind of woman when it comes to skin care and makeup. But I'm also no spring chicken, and see more small lines on my skin every day. Using this product was an easy enough solution to try. I liked the product itself. It was thick, taking very little to adequately cover my face. A little goes a long way! It had a pleasant, understated odor, not as much of a chemical smell as I had expected. IT was quickly absorbed in my skin, eliminating any visible dry areas. While I think the product was an excellent moisturizer, I did not see as visible a difference in my fine lines as I had hoped.

I love this product! I love how smooth and creamy the texture is, not too thin and not to thick and actually smells very refreshing. I have used other similar products that were a little irritating on my sensitive skin but this is just perfect and I believe made just for me😀. I defiantly see a change less visible wrinkle lines. Thank you L'oreal !!

The cream is silky and rich, also fairly thick, so it would not be my first choice to use in the summer, particularly with a relatively low SPF factor. It does however hydrate well and it seems to have softened some of the fine wrinkles. I found it too thick to use under make-up, but it worked very well on the days I was home and did not apply any kind of foundation. I would not mind using this one in the winter for sure.

I usually use L'Oréal Age Perfect day and night cream so I decided to just use the Revitalift instead to see if the result was different. The only difference I notice is the Revitalift seems to initially be a little bit more oily in consistency than the age Perfect. Maybe it's because Revitalift has Ensulizole 2% and Age Perfect has 1.7%. They both have Oxtinoxate in the same strength. I liked it just fine,but seen no difference to my wrinkles. I am 49 years old. I have 26 and 30 year old daughters and when we are out people think we are friends and cannot believe I am their mom! L'Oréal products is what I've used for along time and will continue to use! THANK YOU L'ORÉAL! LOL! I WASH face with Revitalift cream cleanser EVERY night also! **NEVER to bed with your makeup on!!!!

seeing results just after a few weeks of use!! love the feel of it

I've been using this product for almost a month and find that my skin feels smoother and more hydrated. I didn't really notice any significant difference in fine lines but would recommend it nonetheless. I found that a small amount was all that was needed for full facial coverage so I expect the product to last for a good amount of time.

I loved using this product. I have dry skin so I found the consistency just right. It left my skin feeling incredibly soft. It also has a pleasant scent. I liked that it has an SPF 18 sunscreen. I did find that it seemed to reduce my fine wrinkles. However, I didn't see much difference in "larger" wrinkles.

I like this Revitalift product because it was not heavy or oily feeling on my skin. I like to use a product that has SPF protection as I am frequently in the sun living in Texas and this product did give me the protection. It made my skin feel smooth and soft. My skin felt hydrated and looked better overall with a brighter complexion and less dryness. I would highly recommend this product.

I have tried the day cream spf 18 revitalift. I honestly am not too wild about this product. i still do have my prominent nasolabial fold that still looks same as day one. Even the very fine wrinkles around eye are still visible. Product does do well as a moisturizer though hence 3 stars.

This cream works very well. It feels so silky and is nice and thick. Fine lines and wrinkles were less noticeable just a few days after I began using it. I would absolutely buy again and recommend to all of my friends and family!

Cream is light and soaks in nicely. Smells fresh but not overpowering. Only true critique is now with aging skin I wish the spf was higher.