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  • Fuzzmucker By  Fuzzmucker    

    My son had this toy and he loved her. He had to take her with him everywhere he was so attached and she helped him through teething.

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  • KimberleeGoodson By  KimberleeGoodson    

    My son loves Sophie! We would be in big trouble if we ever lost her or left her behind.

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  • Realchic By  Realchic    

    I was hesitant to buy this product not only because of the price, but because I had heard mixed reviews on it. We purchased this for our daughter and it really made no difference. She wasn't much of a teething toy baby. But when she did want to use something Sophie the and giraffe was never her preference. She would always grab all her other more cheaper tethers then Sophie. I don't think it all that big of a deal. And it's not money related I just believe that there are just as good or better tethers out there that are less expensive and will do the same work.

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  • katietylock By  katietylock    

    My daughter LOVED Sophie. It was by far her favorite teething toy. She actually played with it for months after she was done teething also. It is a bit of a pricy initial investment but well worth it.

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  • FrenchieExpat By  FrenchieExpat    

    My kids first toy,all of them! Super easy to grab for little hands,great toy to chew I just wish it would be less expensive

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  • tinnyinbikini By  tinnyinbikini    

    It is super sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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  • gaarabucket By  gaarabucket    

    Sophie is a pretty good toy, however I'd say it's for a bit older babies. My son is 4 months and got a Sophie at 1 month when my in-laws threw a baby shower. I gave it to him to play with somewhere between 2.5-3 months when he really started grasping at things and he seemed to like holding it but couldn't quite work it into his mouth. He just didn't really understand how to angle it. However until they are a bit older I would really suggest using the Sophie brand lion. It is smaller and has more areas to use to put in their mouths. Then once they have really learned how to use that, transition to Sophie. I know I've heard good things about the elephant too so that might be a good transition toy too for those babies who have trouble with Sophie at first.

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  • SarahChristine By  SarahChristine    

    Sophie is my 6 month olds best friend since she was 4.5 months. Now that she's teething she doesn't leave her site. Great investment. Totally worth it and great gift for showers!

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  • candries By  candries    

    My grandbaby loves Sophie! Its so easy for her little hands to hold her and chew away! Really helps with teething pain!

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  • Cengell By  Cengell    

    Initially it took a while for me to get over how overly priced it was. I ended up buying this for my teething one-year-old , now I love it. It took a while for my daughter to get the hang of chewing on the giraffes legs but in the end it has help me through some sleepless nights of baby teething. My daughter now plays with it as a toy. Still not sure if it's worth the money at that price .

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  • Lizeth94 By  Lizeth94    

    One of the first toys my baby had, he loves it cause of the sound it make. It's squishy.

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  • lwatson1214 By  lwatson1214    

    I don't see what all the fuss is about this toy! My daughter has Sophie and the mini Sophie and she prefers all her other teething toys to both.

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  • RachelRitaRae By  RachelRitaRae    

    This was a miracle worker when my baby was teething. We would give this to her in the store etc . . and it immediately calmed her. The texture is very smooth, rubbery soft and very durable. The price is higher than I would normally want to purchase an item since they only use it for a few months but it is very worth it considering the teething stage is very hard! Great size and able to grib for a baby's small hands. It squeaks as well so will also entertain.

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  • AmandaAnne By  AmandaAnne    

    My child absolutely loved this teething toy! This was the only teething toy that she would use when she was teething. I was only able to find this at my local Target which was kind of a pain other than that, I highly recommend this product

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  • COMoores By  COMoores    

    Both of my boys loved this teether. I thought the squeak was a bit loud, but a trip through the dishwasher hushed Sophie's squeak. Then she was perfect!

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