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  • Nicky401 By  Nicky401    

    As soon as you slather it on (with your fingers, as that's what is recommended on the bottle) , you'll notice the really smooth velvety texture this foundation has. It has fine to medium coverage. It's an overall okay foundation however it doesn't really seem to last, even when used with powder, it just slowly fades away - ish (not completely but almost) and easily smudges, as in if you got a dry towel and rubbed your face, it'd all come off.. It also gets more powdery-looking the more time you have it on - and NOT in a good way and doesn't do anything at all for my oily skin. It has a tendency to stick to dry patches as well, so overall no i wouldn't recommend this because there simply isn't the right customer for it. You can't win either with dry or oily skin, oily- oil will eventually show up on your face, dry - the foundation will more than likely streak horribly.

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  • SheSpeaksTeam By  SheSpeaksTeam    

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