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Graco Pack & Play

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The assembly and folding/unfolding are counter-intuitive, so it's imperative that you read the instruction manual first. Once you get the hang of it, it's very easy to pack and play. We mainly used our Pack and Play as a secondary baby bed in the living room so that I can have baby near me when I am outside of the bedroom. I don't use a baby monitor. Our Pack and Play model includes a bassinet, which holds up to 15 lbs. This is very convenient for me as it was at the perfect height for me to take baby out of easily right after birth. It was harder to lift her out of her baby crib during the first few weeks. She is almost 10 weeks now and is almost at the weight limit, so will have to remove the bassinet soon. Even so, this was a lifesaver and very useful for me and my home. Plus, the color scheme is very pleasing to the eye.


Mine was a baby shower gift. Had it since 2011 & I still use it! I do wish that it was easier to clean tho.

I bought the pooh one 8 years ago and its still in great shape, its held up to 4 babys using almost daily from birth til 2 each.

I love my pack n play! It's laated through all four of my babies and I imagine will hold up for years to come. So easy to store and put up and or away. Highly recommend.

I love the pack & play I have for my son it had the newborn pad which made it great to reach him instead of bending over, and as my so grew we lowered the pad and he can play in it while I get things done or naps in it. It's easy to assemble and dissemble which is great for on the go or even taking outside. Also found a great deal on it.

Pack & Play's are lifesavers. They're perfect for keeping baby safe.

this is one of the best things I have ever bought. its portable, easy to use, everything that helps with having a hard to handle baby.

Great price for a wonderful and durable baby product. Easy to store and easy to transport! I would recommend to any new parent.

We love Graco pack n plays - they are durable (one of ours has gone through 5 kids and is still in good condition!), and I love the new features some have - the newborn sleeper is the only bed in which our 3 week old wants to sleep. We also like the changing station on one of ours. And if you don't try to carry all the add-ons with you, they're quite easy to fold up and bring along for travel.

This was fantastic. With my first child I was constantly on the go and traveling between my house and my parent's house so that they could see the baby a lot. I would take this with me every time I went. Because they lived 10 hours away, I always had to stay overnight, and this doubled as the baby's sleeping area. It saved me a lot of hassle and kept me from having to buy a crib just to keep at my mom & dad's house. I also loved that it came with it's own carrying bag. It can be a bit difficult to figure out how to get it to fold and unfold at first, but once you get the hang of it, putting it up can be done in just a quick minute or two.

i love my sons! so nice to have for easy napping at grandparents house.

After much research we ended up purchasing the Graco Pack & Play playpen for our son. It was a good deal price-wise and it looked the nicest design-wise. It was super hard for us to figure out how to get the sides to stay up. I am not joking! You do like the instructions underneath the mat say in the bottom of the playpen and pull up on the handle while squeezing in until the bars on both sides of the handle clicks into place and locks in. That is what is supposed to happen anyhow. It took us forever to get all the bars locked in. I think about 45 minutes at least. We are too afraid to put it down for travel use as we feel it would be stressful to get it locked in again when we go to visit someone. Works great other than that though!