Fisher Price Fisher-Price - Newborn Rock N' Play Sleeper

Fisher Price Fisher-Price - Newborn Rock N' Play Sleeper

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I really like this rocker and I really like it but if your a mom on a budget then its not worth spending the money. My daughter outgrew it in a month.

Great product I definitely loved this for both my children, they fell asleep easy in it and I like that it is a little more upright gave me a piece of mind at night especially

I bought this for my son after reading many reviews about how baby sleeps so well. I was skeptical about it, but needed some help getting my son to sleep. Assembly was a bit difficult, the metal pieces were tricky to get in, but made me feel confident I had nothing to worry about putting my child in. His first night in he slept for 6 hours! He continues to sleep hours at a time in it. He loves that it vibrates as well. My only complaint, which is why I am only giving it 4 stars instead of 5, is that when the vibration is on, it tends to make a bunch of noise. I have located the noise to the push button to collapse the bed, and put a piece of tape on it. That solved the issue, but looks kind of bad. All in all, that's a small issue I'm willing to deal with.

We do enjoy this sleeper system. It's easy to open/close and store in closets or for travel. It's a great alternative to a bulky pack n' play system. It can be set up anywhere and is set at an angle for spit-up safety reasons. it rocks easily to sooth baby and is a cute pattern too!

My friend loved and used this rocker every day with her newborn, so I was excited when I got it as a gift. It is okay, I think it really depends on your child's preferences. My baby didn't really take to it, and honestly it wouldn't last for very long if she did, they are kind of small. It is very soft! But this makes it a little more difficult to clean and baby can get hot. Your baby will also be stuck in the same inclined position every time she's in it.

Doesn't rock or anything and would get baby used to being cradled. What about when he gets too big?

this is so cute and comfortable

I love that my baby can sleep right next to the bed and I can see her every move with it being so love to the ground.

I was excited to use the Newborn Rock-n-Play sleeper for my newborn during the sleepless nights when the baby wants to be in motion, but I didn't have the energy to hold the baby all the time. It's very lightweight and easy to fold/unfold. It's also very easy to clean. Unfortunately, the angle that the baby lies in the sleeper wasn't appealing for my little one and she never enjoyed it for long. The rocking motion is very limited and the vibration option wasn't helpful for me.