USA Psych

USA Psych

              Rated #13 in Television Shows
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97% Recommended
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Burton "Gus" Guster is like the cherry on top of an amazing cast of people. The chemistry between all the characters along with the ingenious storyline of a kid whose police officer father taught him how to be incredibly aware of his surroundings. Ingenious storyline!

One of my favorite shows of all time! Shawn & Gus are hilarious together. The details that Shawn sees to pull off the rouse of being a real psychic are incredible. It's always fun to watch & see if you can figure the mysteries out before they do.

Super funny, and full of mysteries to watch the main characters figure out.

Love this show!! Shawn and Gus is hilarious! They are very cleaver and are very observant. Watch it all the time!

My all time favorite comedy! Shawn Spencer is a fake psychic, when really all he is is a man with a photographic memory. His best friend since childhood, Burton Guster goes along with him on his journey. He ends up opening a Psychic Detective Agency and working with the Police Department as the "head Psychic". The chemistry between Shawn and "Gus" make it appear as if they have been best friends for ever in real life! Not sure how they make it all happen but it's incredible!