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  • jencat75 By  jencat75    

    This is chalky, gross and does not help a chocolate craving in any way. I also have a personal pet peeve with products that are spelled incorrectly for "fun".

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  • Aroura By  Aroura    

    Children love the taste and crunch, adults not so much.

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  • Josie718 By  Josie718    

    really good, especially if you dont want to much chocolate

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  • mswalker27 By  mswalker27    

    I am not into chocolate in the middle of my cereal, but my son like it. I would recommend this to someone who likes chocolate in their cereal

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  • BrynnClaire By  BrynnClaire    

    This is a good cereal! It tastes like a chocolate covered graham cracker dunked in milk! The only recommendation I have is to put more chocolate in the center (:

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  • mellynal By  mellynal    

    I would give this a 4 star

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  • FitLissa By  FitLissa    

    My son absolutely loves this stuff as a "treat" ...great with almond milk in the morning or even on top of some vanila ice cream

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  • Yesak77 By  Yesak77    

    I really liked this cereal a lot. One thing I appreciated the most was that it stays crunchy while you're eating it, it never really turned into a soggy mess, It tasted really good, and was even a good snack without milk.

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  • queendd By  queendd    

    For a cold cereal, great tasting! Not the best nutrition for what I want in a breakfast but most cold cereals lack nutrition. It's one of the top choices of my daughter. She chooses breakfast strictly by flavor, not nutrition. If you are looking for flavor for breakfast or you want a tasty snack, pick Krave. Any flavor is tasty!

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  • Speakheather By  Speakheather    

    Our whole family loves this cereal. The kids ask for it often. We love the combination of crunchy outside and silky chocolate middle. Both varieties are delicious. I only dock it one star for price. We can't get it as often as we'd like because of the price, we have to wait for sales or coupons.

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  • aolstad By  aolstad    

    The pieces are slightly larger than Cap'n Crunch, but the crispy exterior is much more forgiving to the roof of your mouth. The multi-grain shell gives more of a brown-sugar flavor than just a generic sweetness. Then there's the smooth chocolate inside. The inner chocolate is smooth, with a Milano like consistency, there just isn't very much of it. The chocolate flavor is good, I just wish it packed more of a chocolate punch. In terms of nutrition, I'm fairly impressed. There are no hydrogenated oils, and they even advertise the use of real chocolate. The calorie count per serving isn't too bad so it might be a nice dessert option too.

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