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I've been using this product for two weeks now and haven't seen any difference in my hair yet. I don't dislike the product, but I certainly don't love it enough to feel compelled enough to buy it again (unless it was on super sale/clearance and I had a coupon or something). The smell isn't bad, and I like the design of the bottle, makes it easy to get the product out. I've got thin, straight hair, so maybe it would be better for something with more hair.

I really wanted to like this product as what I currently use is rather expensive, but a few things made it not work for me. First, the scent, though pleasant with a crisp green apple-like tone, was too strong for my sensitive nose. Second, after the first few uses, I felt that the product left a residue, and noticed that my fine hair would become oily near the scalp by the end of the day, which it doesn't normally do. Perhaps this was due to rubbing the conditioner into my scalp as the bottle recommended - with my fine hair I usually don't add any conditioner near the scalp. Finally, I didn't notice the benefits the product mentioned - my scalp feels the same, and my hair feels more limp than usual. Perhaps this would work for someone with thicker or naturally drier hair, but not for me.

It effectively gives a clean feeling with a great scent. I did not like it too much because it did not leave my hair soft or shiny. I thought it would nourish my hair and maybe revive it a little but I really did not see a difference in my hair.

Thanks for the trial of these products, sheSpeaks. Sadly, the shampoo and conditioner were disappointing. The scent is not that great, shampoo is nothing special and conditioner is about worthless for my hear. At least it did not make noticable buildup in my hair.

Unfortunately, I wasn't wowed by either the shampoo or conditioner. My hair didn't look or feel improved at all. I was really hoping I would see a difference, especially in regard to frizziness, but for me, the shampoo and conditioner missed the mark.

I thought this conditioner was just ok- nothing special about it. The worst part was the smell - it has a slight amonia-like scent.

This conditioner has a pretty strong fragrance. It smells like perfume. It's not a stinky smell, but it's a bit too strong for me. I was not amazed by this conditioner at all. It didn't moisturize and smooth my hair like other conditioners I've used. I think it may work for straight or wavy hair types, but not for coarse, curly hair types. I did like the bottle design and colors. The product was easy to dispense. I would recommend this product to someone with straight or wavy hair.

I wish there had been an ingredients list I could have read before I got the sample. We stay away from tree nuts. It does smell heavenly. Guess I'll pass it on to my sister.

I love the bottle design and the smell of the shampoo and conditioner. It did make my hair feel soft but I also felt like my hair wasn't getting clean enough unless I used a massive amount of shampoo. My hair was still unmanageable and dry. After a week or so of using this, my scalp and forehead got itchy, extremely itchy. I won't be buying this product due to the fact it made my head itch and I had to use so much shampoo.

I must say I was a bit disappointed. My hair is typically oily so I think that may be why I'm not a fan of the conditioner. The scent was fantastic and the texture was nice but after using it about 4x my hair felt "heavy" like it was being weighed down and kind of dirty in a way. I used it for about a week and gave up. So not exactly a fan here.

The scent was great but this product just didn't work for me. I have curly hair that tends to frizz. The product made my hair feel limp and stripped off all moisture/oil. My hair felt like damp hay. I wouldn't buy it or recommend it.

For me this product was ok, I did feel that it was heavy. The scent did last at least 24 hours though. My hair did shine too! Clear did help my scalp form being so dry and itchy or maybe it was the season change? I will be sticking with my previous Shampoo and conditioner.

smelled good but nothing special

I personally didn't like the conditioner. It made my hair dry and kind of frizzy.. Not good for a person who has fly away hair as it is!! I was hoping for more volume and instead it felt..... DRY!! IDK, just not my kind of stuff... =(

I don't love this. It makes my hair dry and unmanageable. Seems to work for dandruff though.