Johnson's  Baby Powder

Johnson's Baby Powder

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It smells good and it's a great product to have in hand not just for baby.

Don't use it much but it smells good

I like using the baby powder on my son on hot days so the diaper don't rub and it works great, but I mostly put it on him at night to help soak up and prevent leaking at night which works so much. A must have for me plus smells good too.

Baby powder is my go-to multi-use product. I see a lot of negative things about baby powder but I don't think people realize that almost all baby powders use corn starch now instead of talc. I keep a small bottle of it in my car in case of oily hair, rashy buns, or sandy feet! My fiance was amazed at how well it got the sand off the buns of our two year old this weekend at the beach. A diaper bag must have for any mommy!

I have tried those dry shampoo's, but nothing beats putting Johnson's baby powder in my hair when I want to stretch an extra day between washing my hair!

I have so many uses for this!!

I love johnsons baby powder...and it smells so good..

I still use baby powder from time to time. The smell reminds me of childhood.

love the smell but I prefer the lavender scented one. really does help the kids sleep after a bath

I have always used baby powder for all my kids with no issues. My mother used baby powder with all 8 of her children and no issues. We love the smell and it's a well know brand that many people trust

I always have one. it's perfect. smells good

Used this product on my 8 year old brother, 18 month old son, and one year old nephew and will continue to use it on my children and children I care for. It's priced beyond reasonable and get's multiple jobs done. Thank you for another great product!

I was specifically told by my sons pediatrician NOT to use this product. Inhalation of the talc particles is dangerous for anyone especially an infant with small developing lungs! It has also been linked to ovarian cancer later in life if used on baby girls! I was told that the 100% cornstarch versions were SLIGHTLY safer as the particles were larger and harder to pass into the lungs. However, i will not be using either version.

Not a fan of baby powder. Would rather use a cream than powder!

We no longer use baby powder of any kind on our baby. Talcum powder is closely related to asbestos, and inhaling it can be very serious for a baby's small lungs. Yes, I suppose you could take great measures to keep any and all of it out of your baby's face, but isn't it just better to be "safe than sorry"? I would hate to try using this just to absorb moisture and then have my baby suffer serious effects because of it. Besides, most diapers these days do an excellent job of keeping moisture off of baby's little bum. Sorry Johnson & Johnson, but you should retire "baby powder" and market it to adults instead if you're going to keep it in the line-up.