Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

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My son liked it and liked the taste , I think it really appealed to them ( youngerkids) cause he thought that it was a juicebox , I acually took a sip and dont like the flavor but glad my son does

My son loved it I have been buying more of this product I really like it and recommend it

My daughter love it, is so good is sweet and vanilla. I would buy again

My son didn't go for the plain milk flavor at all. I offered it several times and he just wouldn't drink it. I love thats it portable though. Maybe he'll change his mind in the future ;)

My kids always seem to drink flavored milk. So the Vanilla flavored Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Todder Ready-to-Drink was much better liked then the natural flavor. That said, having them packaged w/straws made them much more appealing to the kids then previous brands in bottles. Now my son {15 months} loves his milk & he never seemed to notice the difference. So these were perfect for him. Really enjoyed knowing he was getting an extra nutritional benefit too. These were perfect when he didn't want to eat as much due to teething.

Althought it seems that this product is healthy i had a bit of a difficult time getting my daughter to drink it. She drank about 2/3 of the carton. I saved the rest for later but it seemed she just didnt want to finish it. She is a big fan of chocolate so maybe if they had a chocolate flaivor i'd be a bit more successful. Kids are picky eaters so its no surprise she didnt love it, technically if it doesnt have a sweet taste she wont really like anything. I also tried the regular milk flavor and surprisingly she finished the whole carton. I dont know if she was just really thirsty or the vanilla flavor just tasted weird. although i'm not sure if i'll purchase these, i did find it extremely convenient to travel with them. I usually carry water with me but sometimes she wants something with flavor and that's when i can pull these out rather than carrying chocolate milk which is probably less healthy. I did manager to finish all the samples by using them in smoothies which she seemed to love. I just added some strawberries and bannanas along with some ice in the blender and they worked just fine.

Although I understand the convenience of having milk available to you at anytime, my kids just did not enjoy this product. Perhaps if they had a chocolate flavor, my kids may have enjoyed it more.

My daughter liked it only once. The boxes were easy to drink and my daughter loved the straw, but I could only get her to drink one. Then she refused. I don't think it was the product, just my picky daughter.

My son loved that it had a straw and he could hold it. However he favored the vanilla over the plain. Overall a good product.

My son was not a fan of the plain milk flavor. He was a little more accepting of the vanilla flavored milk. I believe this is a decent product, but we'll be more likely to stick to our go to brand.

My son absolutely refused to try this product. When it first came, I acted excited, showed him how the straw extends, and offered it to him. He said no, it was for babies (due to the packaging looking too similar to baby formula). I then tried multiple other times over a week by presenting it in a cup where he couldn't see the packaging. he still adamantly refused. I am so sorry - my son is just too stubborn. I suggest changing up the packaging so that it doesn't look anything like "what a baby would drink". My son is 31 months.

My daughter loves milk and usually she prefers chocolate. However, she loved these. They were convenient both at home and away. She enjoyed the taste and the fact she was able to get it herself. Thank yoh!

My toddler is very picky. He will only drink toddler formula. He loves the original but didn't like the vanilla. I love that it's portable. I will be buying it.

my 2 year old loved these & its very convient and easy for me to give her will deff be buying more of these soon

Our 4 year old loved the Vanilla flavor. She wasn't too fond of the Milk flavor. We will definitely be buying this in the future!