Boogie Wipes Saline Wipes for Noses

Boogie Wipes Saline Wipes for Noses

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We keep this in stock at our house. Love the grape smell

These are great they really work super well and smell fantastic . Great for squirmy kids who don't like getting there noses wiped.

My sister had used these with all 3 of her kids and with my own on the way she made sure that I had my own supply because of how great this product is and I would agree with her

My mom bought me the grape scented ones because she loved the smell so much after seeing someone else use it. We also have the regular ones. They are great for when my son has a lot of congestion and doesn't want m to wipe his nose. It loosens everything up so I can wipe t away quicker and with less resistance then a tissue.

Good product but not very cost effective. I am just as happy using a regular baby wipe or a soft tissue. My kids didn't seem to notice if there was anything different about these compared to a regular wipe. The small package is nice to pack in your purse or car during allergy season.

A DIAPER BAG STAPLE! I strongly recommend every parent keep a pack in their diaper bag! It's perfect for dribbly, runny noses. Plus, it doesn't dry out the skin or cause it to break like rough napkins. It's not just for noses either. Use it to clean pacifiers or to wipe little faces/hands!

I love Boogie Wipes!!! We keep a stash of these- with toddler, we pretty much ALWAYS have a runny nose. It really works and is soothing to a raw nose. I love how the grape smells!! I wish they had an natural version, but I don't believe there is anything harsh in these wipes, anyway.

My son runs away from tissues. If I try to wipe his nose with a Boogie wipe, he stays still and asks to do it himself. Love the scents, nice feel, does a good job cleaning. Always have on hand during wintertime!

These are great for on the go! They work like a charm and come in handy when you are out and about and in a pinch! They do not have a strong smell which I like and are soft on my little ones nose.!

These wipes are so gentle and have been a lifesaver for my little girl! Her nose was so raw from it running and constantly wiping, but these wipes helped to rehydrate and protect her little nose!

Love love love these. I carry these in the diaper bag and car wherever I go!

These wipes are very clean, smell great, feel great and work well on a child's little soft nose. I love them and so does my 6 year old. I just wish the package had more in it or wish it came in a bulk pack at a deal price. Otherwise it is just perfect!

These are great and don;t hurt when this skin is raw!

I used the grape scented ones for my baby. She isn't at an age where she can really blow her nose by herself, but these seemed like a safer, non-irritating way to help wipe away and clear up baby's nose. However, I don't think it is a necessary product mainly since my baby doesn't have sensitive skin or any other issues where a plain old tissue won't do just as well.

Great product idea and works but could be better worth money if more wipes in package. Still like tobuse these for kids