Lego Blocks

Lego Blocks

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Legos Legos are a great toy for children because it makes them use their imagination. i love when my two year old starts building things and playing out loud with them. this toy really keeps kids entertained. if you have a small child there are legos that are bigger for kids that are younger to play with and to me thats a huge plus considering that actual legos are super tiny,

Legos are great My son has always loved to build and Legos are his favorite. This is such a great toy because it encourages kids to think, imagine, learn and create.

Popular Things Of Legos It's a very popular thing for kids, everyone has children in our house. There are 3 kids in our family, they are just busy with this legos. Who can make the competition before, Completes a full of 1 hour. If one is wasted, then more is bought. It is not very expensive, but very favorite and fun stuff for kids.

Lego Block for all ages No matter how old you are or how young you are you will enjoy these Lego blocks. My husband all the way to my Grandson enjoy playing with them and they never can wait till Christmas to get more. Only will warn new parents do not step on these Lego's they do tend to hurt the feet. Have fun playing with the whole family. Enjoy the build!

Legos are amazing. My son loves his legos. He loves to build things for hours on end. He tries to recreate the examples in the booklet that came with his box. I grew up with legos in my house so I always end up on the floor building with him.

Legos Legos...What bad can you say about them besides they hurt when you step on them. It'e like they always seem to find my feet when i have no shoes on. We love legos in out house my middle child has autism and he loves his legos to the point he will not share them. Legos are amazing.

For everybody! I love that they have legos for all three of my kids, the large ones for my baby, and many different girl and boy types! My girls love the new Elves and that they update new kinds each year!

The title says Lego Blocks, but the picture is actually of Lego Duplos. Either way, Lego Bricks and Lego Dupolos are hands down the best toy to purchase for children. They encourage creative thinking, and can be used in an endless variety of ways. We use them at the school where I teach in structured learning activities for reading, math, and spelling.

Also a favorite in my household! Imagination is key and something that never gets old!

Legos for all ages My 3 year old son loves playing with Legos. I like how the Legos can grow with your child. The bigger Legos are great for beginners. Now, my son has graduated to the smaller Legos.

We LOVE Legos! Legos are the BEST toy out there. My son recently stopped playing with them (he is 10). My husband and I are in mourning because we enjoyed them so much! There is so much creativity and hours of fun! They are pricey but WELL worth it!!! I would recommend the Lego Duplos for kids 3 and under and the regular legos for everyone else. They are awesome and so is the company!

Classic Toy! Legos are a CLASSIC! I loved Legos, my son loves Legos, I don't know anybody who doesn't like Legos! You can be so creative with them and that's what makes them so great! The possibilities are endless! The only con to Legos is they are SO pricey nowadays.

Legos My nephew loves Legos he gets a new set every week, except u might need to watch out for young kids because he once stuffed one up his nose

Great Toy My siblings and I always loved Lego blocks as kids and now our kids love them as well! My daughter has quite the collection and they all have a blast together building with them!

I played with these when I was a kid and now my kids play with them. So many things you can build.