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  • YoungHippieMom By  YoungHippieMom    

    I love this coffee. It was sweet, but vanilla is my favorite kind!

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  • katiemwebb By  katiemwebb    

    Didn't do it for me. It was great that it was cold, but it was way too sweet for my liking.

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  • divalady963 By  divalady963    

    While it doesn't taste much like a coffee beverage, especially not anything of the cafe variety, it has decent flavor. It is also quick, convenient, and affordable. Pour it over ice and it is a nice substitute.

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  • naomicyoder By  naomicyoder    

    This iced coffee is delicious and tastes better than I can make at home. I love it!

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  • jayne0110 By  jayne0110    

    I agree, I do love this especially because I don't have to pay so much for iced coffee. Even though it is on the thick and sweet side that just means you have more after you dilute it with extra milk and ice !

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  • MistyAnn By  MistyAnn    

    I use this to make Iced coffee at home, love it!

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  • annarae7268 By  annarae7268    

    I think the Mocha flavor is really good.. Put some ice in a glass and pour over. It may be too thick and sweet for some, but I really like it.

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  • jnmakosky By  jnmakosky    

    I LOVE iced coffee! I tried this as soon as it came out. I tried mocha first and loved it! I then purchased vanilla and hated it. It was not nearly as good as mocha! I would not recommend to a friend!

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  • lfreas2 By  lfreas2    

    to sweet and not enough coffee flavor I found my selk adding coffe to tone it down and still the tase was off. it must be the flavor I don't like the price for it when I can make it better and cheaper at home

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  • Mamazuelch By  Mamazuelch    

    This iced coffee tastes really good and it's perfect for morning when you have to get out the door quickly. My y only complaints are it's too thick and it's a little on the sweet side.

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  • sonsa505 By  sonsa505    

    I didn't care for this very much. I honestly thought it tasted very powdery and it didn't have a great flavor. I thought it was definitely too sweet. I give an E for effort. That's about it. I poured more than half of this down the sink.

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  • mwoot10 By  mwoot10    

    I was not all that impressed with this coffee. Was okay tasting, but not good after taste. Might try a different flavor and see if the others are better.

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  • lkats16 By  lkats16    

    I prefer to drink iced coffee all through the year so this product was a perfect choice for me. Delicious flavors and very affordable.

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  • grammamonsey By  grammamonsey    

    I fell in love with this instantly! I love the Mocha flavor too. This is perfect for summer mornings especially.

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  • coffeequeen By  coffeequeen    

    I liked this product, only complaint was that it was a bit too sweet. Found that I could mix it in with my regular brewed coffee and make a nice latte.

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