Tide Coldwater

Tide Coldwater

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I am very happy with Tide Coldwater. I have always used hot water to wash my whites. I used the Tide Coldwater and my whites came out as good as they did with hot water. A money saver because that's less water I have to heat up now. But the price of it is so it would be nice to have coupons more out for Tide.

I have always used tide. I was happy to try the coldwater tide. I was hesitant because I normally don't like to wash clothes in cold water. After I used it I was very happy! My clothes came out clean and they had a nice scent! I would definitely recommend this product.

I love it, not only does it work well, instead of setting stains, using cold water Tide gets out dirt with no special effort on my part.

I have to say I was not a Tide user until now. The Cold Water Tide cleaned the clothes fine, even the whites were white. Of course one of the most important test in our family was the smell, if it does'nt smell good there's one in the house that won't even touch it and this Tide passed the test. I was also happy with the fact that I am sensitive to some detergents and this did not make me itchy ....We like the new Cold Water Tide Thanks

I love it I didn't know how this was going to work as I am not use to doing clothes in cold water I am use to using warm or hot water to wash them in but after I used Tide Coldwater I am amazed with the results of it and cold water washing and will be buying this for my families laundry. I am sold on this laundry detergent.

Smells wonderful...works wonderful. Clothes looked great. I've always washed clothes in cold if possible. I've been using Tide products more often than not. Now I'll always be using Tide. It's just perfect!!

I will never use any other detergent again. Tide Coldwater truly does get out stains with cold water. My clothes do not fade, and they are kept looking as new as the day that I bought them. I even use it on clothes require handwashing. It is the best detergent ever.

I love Tide Cold water! It smells great and makes my clothes clean. I like how it lathers up even in the cold water. I love saving money with Tide Cold water! I would recommend it to everyone!

i love it. It doesnot dull the dress color.

Loved it! Of course I have always been a fan of tide but my first thought was, hmm..coldwater? I doubt it! But I tried it on my husbands work clothes and it works great. I used it on my whites and darks and it worked wonderfully, I was very happy and will continue to use it.

Tide Coldwater definitely peaked my interest, and when it was put to the most ultimate test of deeply rooted stains and surface soiled clothing, Tide Coldwater prevailed as the most magnificent laundry detergent that I've ever tried! I couldn't be happier! I'm like in total awe, in shock, I'm not just a tester, I'm a believer and a user of the product! I've been transformed, I'm only going one way now and that's Tide Coldwater!

My daughter received a pig hat for Christmas and has worn it everyday since she opened it. You can imagine how dirty it can get. I decided to wash it using Tide Coldwater without any stain remover. Wow! I was very impressed. Her hat came out looking brand new. I have used about half of my bottle on all of our fabrics and it has worked great on them all.

I am very particular about our towels smelling fresh and clean. My boys' towels are very often stinky if they "forget" to hang them up. I hate pulling a clean towel out of the dryer, sniffing it, and smelling stink! I was very pleased with how clean smelling our dark towels were after using Tide Coldwater. I never though I could get my towels that clean without the hottest water.

We really loved using this product. I like being able to save on electric bills because we don't need the hot water to wash our clothes with the Coldwater Tide! I also could not tell any difference in how clean any of our clothes or towels were. They both looked pretty darn good to me and they smelled fresh and clean.

I for the most part only use cold water and have used the regular Tide and was satisfied.....I thought. After receiving the cold water Tide and using it I am sold on it. I save money usiing the cold water and my laundry is now cleaner than ever. Thanks for the Tide Coldwater Shespeaks, and teaching me how to get the best clean while saving money.