Tide Coldwater

Tide Coldwater

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I have used tied for years now, it was the only think my mother would buy and I grew up only purchasing Tide. I switched to Tide coldwater because my son's uniforms were fading. I have seen little fade since switching brands and love that this product saves me money. I have also noticed the colors are brighter when washed and do not come out the dryer dull looking.

Love this! No fading!

Tide is not only my favorite detergent, it is the only one I will use. If I'm out or traveling the laundry will wait until I have access to Tide. Tide with Dawn is one of my particular favorites as it is very effective in stain removal. When I'm not dealing with additional stains the Tide I use daily is Tide Cold Water. Tide Cold Water cleans better in cold water than many of the other major brands do in warm - and I save money and extend the life of my clothing. Tide is IT in my household.

Nothing seems to work better than tide. It gets the stains out and smells awesome!

Tide in my opinion is the best detergent out there any stain I've ever had to deal with Tide is the answer.

Tide is the best at getting stains out of carpets.Mix a liottle with water spray it on a stain and after 5 minutes rub gentlly and it's gone! Yea it's great on clothes too.

I have problems with smells I am very sensitive and Tide clean breeze has been the only detergent so far that I can handle. So thank you so much for having a product I can use to keep my family clean and me headache free!

I think it's about time that a product came out with this. Most of the time I only use cold water.

Love Tide!! Gets the stains out of everything!! Keeps the colors!

My grandmother has used this brand of detergent for as long as I've been alive, and my mom uses it, and now I use it. We trust this brand over any other for washing regular loads. I haven't gotten the chance to use the Tide with Dawn yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

Love this product. My clothes have never smelled better!

Tide is the best hands down. I had switched to a less expensive brand and was disappointed. I quickly returned to Tide and found the stains were gone, the colors were brighter, and the smell is amazing.

I am a big fan of Tide and have been for years now.

I just recently switched to tide and i absolutely love it. Leaves clothes so clean.

I love tide for myself but it breaks my kids out in a rash.