Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

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I recommend these Neutrogena Makeup Towelettes These are great! Love how compact they are and they clean off my makeup pretty well with just one wipe.

Works well when in a pinch, but pretty much like any wipe, it's not a complete clean.

SO GENTLE I love these! They are so easy to use and they never irritate my skin like other makeup removers. I love that it's convenient & I can take them anywhere.

Convenient Make Up Remover Towelettes I found Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes to be gentle, yet effective, in getting the job done. Sometimes when you are super tired at night it's tempting to just go on to bed and not worry about taking all your make up off but we all know that is a huge mistake that ends up resulting in break outs of the skin. I also find them useful when taking off make up at the gym before working out. The scent is a bit strong but overall a good product #SheSpeaksReviews

Wonderful Wipes I love Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes! They remove makeup easily and quickly! My skin felt moisturized after using! There was no irritation or redness!

Best Wipes I love this brand of make up remover. I have use the both liquid and the wipes. The wipes are easier to use and take off every bit of make up even if it's waterproof . The scent is pleasant and they don't irritate my skin.

Great for sensitive skin!! I use these wipes daily prior to washing my face. Excellent and gentle way of removing the days makeup. I have sensitive skin and have NEVER had an issue with using these. Highly recommend.

The best! Best makeup wipes out there. I wouldn't recommend another brand. This one cleans your face extraordinarily.

AWESOME ! WORTH THE MONEY ! an awesome cleanser before washing your face. if you only had a little makeup on you?re good with just these 😍

Removes even waterproof makeup I really like this makeup remover brand. I usually use "Simple" brand. But when I ran out and went to the store they only had these available. I decided to give them a try. I did like the way they remove my makeup. When I wear makeup I use a lot of products, so this actually removes even waterproof mascara. I did notice though that it's very oily, it leaves an oily residue on your face, and has caused me to break out before. But if you wash your face out after using them it shouldn't. Which I've learned to do with any makeup remover I use. As makeup and oily products tend to break me out when I don't wash it out well. So this is good! Just make sure you also have a good face soap/wash right after using it. I alternate between this neutrogena one and the simple brand.

They do a great job at removing makeup but sometimes they sting my eyes. However, I have sensitive eyes, so maybe that's the reason for the stinging. I continue to purchase regardless. They're good to remove your makeup quick. When I wear heavier makeup though, I prefer something more heavy duty like a cleansing oil or balm.

Sensitive skin beware! As someone with dry and sensitive skin, these wipes can be very irritating; after a few whipes on the face, my face is irritated and I know it's as a result of the whipes and not the manner in which I take off my makeup. I give this three stars, however, because I have companions who have oily skin and skin that isn't sensitive and they use these with ease.

The best! These are truly the end all be all of #Neutrogena skincare! If there was only one skincare product I could use the rest of my life, and this was it, I would be thrilled. They are perfectly moist, healthy for your skin, and don't dry your skin out like some makeup remover wipes can do. Staple make up bag item for sure!!

Disappointed They do the job good however they?re not meant for sensitive skin whatsoever. Or for mine at least. It burned my skin and left it blotchy red. The redness toned down within 5 mins but won't purchase again.

Highly recommend I've used multiple make up remover wipes and these are by far my favorite, they?re gentle on my skin and don't burn like most do and they work really well