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  • vickiedien By  vickiedien    

    This and their hot Italian sausage are the best to use in your favorite spaghetti sauce recipe.

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  • momspeak5 By  momspeak5    

    My favorite all time sausage to prepare for family meal nights at home. I grill them for family gatherings, fry them with potatoes for a family meal, as well as added them to grilled kabobs with fresh vegetables. Everyone loves them at our house. They are always delicious and never have to add any seasonings to them.

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  • pattid61 By  pattid61    

    I love these. I use them in my sauces, pasta products, and a recipe I make with sliced sausages, potatoes cut up, onions, olive oil, garlic, and seasonings.

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  • Justagirl123 By  Justagirl123    

    I love these especially for when we cook out. My family and friends all love them. Very delicious.

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  • SherryK44 By  SherryK44    

    One of my favorite products. I love using this in my spaghetti and lasagna recipes.

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  • Lehua07 By  Lehua07    

    This is the best tasting and freshest Italian Sausage available in most supermarkets. There are many ways to prepare it, which pleases the entire family. We grill it and eat it in a bun, Sautee it with mushrooms and spinach and use it to top homemade pizza. It is also delicious in pasta with both cream sauce or marinara sauce.

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  • misskclyburn By  misskclyburn    

    This is so awesome we love this at our BBQ. We all love Johnsonville

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  • Alisha1520 By  Alisha1520    

    Delicious sausage! A must have at my house. We all love it!

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  • srfp34 By  srfp34    

    I am not personally all that interested in sausage, but this is one product i would definitely recommend. it has a great taste and i personally love adding it to pasta sauce and serving it over my favorite pasta.

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  • laurar By  laurar    

    These are one of the best sausages that Johnsonville makes. I love sausages that are not spicy at all and these are it.

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  • Frannymae50 By  Frannymae50    

    I have tried these on the grill, on the stove. With peppers. They add the perfect combination! Love them. Just right seasonings!

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  • SimplySherryl By  SimplySherryl    

    I prefer these sweet seasoned when using in a sauce. It ads a sweet yet earthy flavor to my pasta sauces and dips. These are great grilled and sliced on garlic toast as appetizers. My little ones like to eat them sliced really thin with toothpicks and ranch dressing.

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  • Zoraiya By  Zoraiya    

    I'm a spicy sausage gal myself, but my husband makes these amazing sausage rolls with bell peppers and onions using Johnsonville's Sweet Italian Sausage. Would totally recommend for any summer cook out, or if you want to make a quick sausage and vegetable alfredo pasta!

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  • Familymatters By  Familymatters    

    A good combination of the right heat and spice and flavor and tender sausage meat whether you heat them up for breakfast on the stove or grill them for a party.

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  • Skyvark By  Skyvark    

    This product is a staple in our house! From grilling with peppers and onions to chopping up into spaghetti sauce for pasta dishes...delicious and great price!

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