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  • keniamarquezantelo By  keniamarquezantelo    

    I love this site. I have already qualified for 3 campaigns in just one month. I'm super happy with this site. I wish there was another site which does the same. I love to receive free stuff to try out.

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  • leoden By  leoden    

    I am a bzzagent and I love it they are great. They let you try different products for free and all you have to do is give your honest opinion on anything you try. They expect only the truth from you and you answer a few surveys. I think that's great I have been a loyal bzzagent now for about 8 months I believe and I plan to stick around. I tell everyone I know about bzzagent and how to join.

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  • ishhappens By  ishhappens    

    I have been a loyal member for years. I receive so many campaigns and its fun to me to complete the activities. Its very easy to understand and the more you do the more you get. They even have campaigns for men which my husband was quickly invited to and they keep coming! Dont get discouraged if you recieve small product campaigns they usually start you off with these, just make sure you complete your activities and things will definitley pick up!

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  • Amandanoble By  Amandanoble    

    Just started, and it truly is great!

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    I am a BzzAgent and have been for a few months now and I already have been on 10 campaigns. You get to try great products and as long as you give your feedback you will continue to get new and exciting campaigns. I love it and sorry it took me so long to join.

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  • Chicagodivaonadime By  Chicagodivaonadime    

    I am a member of Buzz agent! It took me a couple of months to get my first campaign. Once you finish that you get them quicker and more often.

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  • mlarana By  mlarana    

    I haven't been a member for too long but I have already had 4 missions in the past few months. I really love their site and how user friendly they are. BzzAgent is one of the better sites to try products for free. I say that because they don't make you do an overwhelming amount of 'advertising' for the product like Influenster does. I would and have recommended this site to many people and they love it as well.

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  • kmatiese By  kmatiese    

    I joined bzzagent less than a week ago, on Sunday(today is Saturday) and within a few days I received two new campaigns. TO say I was surprised was an understatement. ALot of people I know claimed it took them weeks to get their first bzzcampaign but for me it took only a few days. Either I have some relatable qualities or I just got lucky. Either way I was excited. However, not everyone will receive campaigns this quick. It depends on your surverys which your campaigns are based off of. But once you sign up, im sure you'll be bzzign in no time!

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  • Jassy0629 By  Jassy0629    

    I joined BzzAgent a couple of months ago amd I am impressed. They give you campaigns based on things you like and they think would be a good match for you. Once you accept the campaign a bzzkit comes and you're able to try out the peoducts and keep them. In return they ask that you spread the word on how t ou got the free products and write reviews about them. AMAZING!!!

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  • kathyhayes By  kathyhayes    

    I have heard of this website and would like to know more about it and how to get started.

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  • kristennh By  kristennh    

    I love this site. I haven't received a bzzkit yet but it is the simplest when it comes to free sampling boxes

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  • ginawatson By  ginawatson    

    This one was rather hard to put a review on, but it is so good I have to spread the news. Bzzagent is a review board that sends reviewers free kits to try and review in the mail. You will have to try and see. I have been extremely satisfied with every kit I have received.

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  • amazey By  amazey    

    Love being a member of Bzzagent. I get to try the newest products and share great coupons with my friends. All of the items I have received to review have been top-quality and there is not one that I didn't like or use.

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  • aidensmomma By  aidensmomma    

    love this site. ive gtten some free stuff and got to try new things that I haven't tried before,.... love LOVE LOVE!

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  • girlygearhead By  girlygearhead    

    So far so good! I joined just about a month ago and already got my first challenge. Love the idea of getting to try things and offer feedback... awesome to know that companies are listening to us... the most important people to their business!

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