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I don't shop at CVS much, and I don't intend to in the future, but sometimes they do have good sales on foundations, and concealers, which can be the more pricey but necessary items in the makeup collection.

I love 24 hours and the store is very organized

I have a local 24 hour CVS that has come in handy to many times to count. Their pharmacy is great and the sales they have weekly are very competitive to some grocery stores. Love the CVS bonus bucks program. I get many items free this way.

I like cvs, and I usually like their prices too

CVS is my pharmacy of choice (ok the one my insurance "recommends") but I do know that it will be the same from one store to the next. I've found the set up of the store and the products that they carry are pretty much the same from store to store. They are convenient to use and for the most part well stocked. Rarely do I find long lines as I've found with some of the other "chain" drugstores and I do find more open "late" night for those emergency room stops with a prescription required.

I don't particularly like shopping at CVS. I think that most other pharmacies do about the same job at filling prescriptions, and I don't think that much of their sales. I feel like I can get the same prices at other stores without clipping coupons and combining sales and using my card. It's so much simpler just to buy something at an already-low price than it is to have to try and figure out the sales flyer to get 10 cents extra off. I have better things to do with my time!

Organized, quick, and very easy to find things. CVS is my place to go when I have to buy my toiletries. The only thing I would change is that they need more employees working the cashiers. The lines are horrible.

One of the best places to make fast stops, no matter where you are going!

Being a makeup junkie is hard work. Specially when my budget is tight and the nearest ULTA is nowhere near my place. Luckily CVS is literally a mile from my place and right next to my college campus so any time i need anything i know i can find it there. I'm big on budget friendly makeup and CVS offers a beauty rewards program that gives you back $5 for every $50 you spend. It might not sound like much but it definitelly adds up. Not to mention their BOGO sales, which are a great way to try out new items. Their return policy is great, as long as you have a receipt you have a week to exchange the item or get your money back. That applies to open cosmetics as well. As far as medication goes (this is afterall a pharmacy) i tend to gravitate towards the CVS brand over brand name items. CVS brand medican is basically the same thing for a lower price. Often times i find they work even better than name brand items. DEFINITELLY MY GO TO PHARMACY!

I love shopping at CVS! I get all of my health products there, all the vitamins, medicine, makeup, and health products. And I always check the coupon match-ups! CVS has the best coupon match-ups of all pharmacies!

It's a great place to get just what you need. They've got a little of everything.

I shop at all three pharmacies. By far, CVS is my favorite. I have bought so many personal and household products from CVS for little or no money using coupons. My husband is happy and impressed.

This store is a must for any couponer!!!!!!!!!!!

My absolute favorite pharmacy. I use to think Walgreen's was the best until I started shopping at CVS more. Other pharmacy's have member cards but only CVS offers great coupons and rewards for shopping there. Love it!!

Great store if you just need something really quick. If you have the time, go to a grocery store. I spent $10 on an item that I found the next day at a grocery store for less than 1/2 the price I paid.