Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

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This is the best baby wipes on the market. love it

I like Huggins products,but this one was a disappointment.

I love Huggies brand. I just started using Huggies natural care wipes for my infant. I like that this is gentle on her sensitive skin.

love love this brand ever since i switched it never did i have problems with it

These are my favorite wipes to use. I usually switch between the natural care and the one and done wipes depending on what's available at the time of purchase. I like the thickness of the wipes. It's almost like using a disposable wash cloth. These are the wipe I tend to give as baby shower gifts as well because they are great for a baby's sensitive skin.

These wipes were a little to soapy feeling for my liking.

These are my favorite wipes and the only ones I use. I love the thickness and the scent

I love buggie products I just don't like this one. This wipes seriously smell like hair dye! I hate the smell of them. I love the tea and cucumber one, I always buy those! You guys should not sell this one and make new ones that have a better scent! To be honest I shop at target or Walmart and u always see this wipes like if they don't sell. U always see the tea and cucumber sell out! All I got to say is stop selling this one it smell nasty! Make new ones with a great scent.

Great product love the green tea cucumber wipes

I love Huggins but not the natural care. I like the one and done!

I love Huggies . I used them to freshen up from time to time . They are really soft and gentle on the skin.

I love huggies wipes! these are especially gentle on skin.

I love huggies brand in general, but with these wipes they are the perfect thickness, size is great for coverage, they are not to wet, and they do not irritate my daughters bottom! I will only use these wipes! Plus you can always find coupons for them!

i love huggies!! only use huggies with my kids and future kids dont prefer to use any other brand wipes or diapers!

I really liked how cheap they were at Walmart. However I think they are made a little to thin, they break easily, they do get the job don't.. but in my opinion they need to be a little thicker, other then that, great quality and softness.