Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet

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My Lodge cast iron skillet is the best thing to bake cornbread in! It is also great for frying meat (pork chops, hamburgers). Browns perfectly and tastes better !!

Yes!! Love our Cast Iron. You do have to keep seasoned as you do with any cast iron. I highly recommend using cast iron over other pans.

Can't beat this skillet I love this skillet with such passion. My mom and grandma used them as well. Now I know why. Try frying chicken, fish or anything you desire in this skillet and you'll never use another other than this one. You can even use it in the oven.

This is the best cast iron. Affordable and high quality. Home fries in cast iron are amazing....just sayin

Awesome product I love these skillets, we have a smaller one and we absolutely love it.

love the heft I was afraid that taking care of cast iron would be too fussy, but I have learned to really love my pan. Cleaning it isn't as bad as I thought it would be and it really allows you to get a great crust on your veggies and meats.

Try it! I love cooking with cast iron and Lodge is terrific!

Get one! The best! Don't settle for another brand! I have many and they all cook beautifully!

Awsome!!! I love my cast iron skillet. Everyone should have one, there easy to cook with and take care of. Cornbread is one of the main dishes cooked in it. :)

I absolutely love Lodge cast iron cookware. This may become my everyday skillet.

We have one of these for the last 22 years of marriage. It was one of the first gifts we ever received. It has also never failed us. We love it just as much now as in the past. I have even given several out to family and friends.

My momma gave me one that had been passed to her when I got married. I use it often. Love it!

My doctor said I was low on iron, but since I cannot take iron supplements, he suggested I buy a cast iron pan. I guess some of the iron in the pan transfers to the food cooked in it. I looked for one for the longest time before I found the Lodge 12 inch skillet. Oh, my! I was sold on it the first time I used it. It cooks food beautifully, better than my other cookware. It is my pan of choice. I loved it so much, I purchased another 12 incher and a smaller skillet too. Seasoning with a little oil after washing keeps it ready to use! Lodge is my skillet of choice!

I received two of these skillets for Christmas in 2009. I could not imagine my kitchen without them now! I used to always reach for my stainless cookware, but now these are my go-to skillets for most meals. I find that less oil is needed to keep food from sticking to these pans, and the cast iron lends to great browning and wonderful flavors for whatever I am cooking. Although I'd never put these in the dishwasher, cleanup is a breeze. After cooking, I fill the skillet with about an inch of water, bring to a boil, and scrape up anything that was left in the skillet. A quick dry and spray with olive oil, and it's ready for the next meal.

By far cooking in cast iron is far superb to alot of the different pans I have tried.