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  • tsampy24 By  tsampy24    

    I love the Domino's Pizza in my area. The pizza is always hot, delicious and fresh. The delivery times are always reasonable. I especially love the website and being able to see what is going on with my order.

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  • buteeful By  buteeful    

    I usually purchase a "meat" pizza from wherever I purchase the pizza from because it is my favorite, but i have noticed in recent visits to Domino's that their pizza smells a bit strange. I cannot describe the smell, but it might have something to do with the location.

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  • jazzylady1 By  jazzylady1    

    The worst delivery pizza in my area.

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  • BriaLouise By  BriaLouise    

    Dominoes has great deals but not so great tasting pizza. The dough has a grainy rough weird taste that isn't the best.

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  • juliekate78 By  juliekate78    

    Dominos always has great deals for family meals! I'm sure every restaurant is different, but the one we purchase from is always quite consistent in flavor and freshness. Their pizza has a traditional flavor, versus others that tend to be either sweet or spicy. The have some yummy sides that we love, my favorite is the stuffed cheesy bread with spinach and feta! Great for a meal on its own. I was doubtful about the pastas, but was delighted to find that the chicken alfredo pasta was very good.

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  • Adrianna23 By  Adrianna23    

    Domino's pizza is okay if you are on a budget. But, honestly you get what you pay for. Sometimes, it is really greasy or tastes like cardboard. Just be mindeful.

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  • angie1966 By  angie1966    

    Can be good, can be bad. For the price not bad though

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  • nicolemonroex3 By  nicolemonroex3    

    For pizza lovers, Dominos is delicious! I love the garlic crust, and how they offer more then just pizza. it is SO good.

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  • KarmiRose By  KarmiRose    

    My family loves Dominos! It is always fresh and how when we receive it and I have to say I love their pepperoni :)

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  • laren50 By  laren50    

    Dominos is OK but I always end up with a really greasy pizza. You never know what you are going to get with them. Sometimes its great, other times scary!

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  • gghosh50 By  gghosh50    

    Domino's is great! They always have a great coupon section of their website, they have a tracker, and their crust and sauce tastes so good!

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  • chewri By  chewri    

    this is great for a fast pizza and it's great to have it delivered to your door

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  • KouponKat By  KouponKat    

    Domino's is a big hit with my kids. We have our Domino's pizza delivered to our house, and we are always amazed at how quickly the driver arrives with our meal. My kids like to watch the screen to see when the pizza is being made, and when it goes out for delivery. Sometimes I'm not in the mood for pizza, so I order the Philly Beef sandwich, and it is flavorful and toasty!

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  • SiSiSmiles By  SiSiSmiles    

    Mmmmm Dominos Pizza. It's probably a meal i would crave while it's my time of the month. But when its not, it's usually not a place I would go to. I usually prefer more of like family pizzerias. I am always wanting there bread sticks though! Like many say it's usually a hit or miss kinda pizza. Most of the time many people just want a hit. It's cheap though so its family affordable. Not health affordable but for those Friday nights when you don't feel like cooking ordering out is the best dial away.

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  • drspaceman By  drspaceman    

    Dominos is a big hit or miss. There are times when the pizza is fresh and delicious and other times when it's tasteless and weird. I'd probably stop purchasing my Pizza from Dominos if it weren't for their great deals.

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